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Q: How big shoul a clydesdale horses stall be?
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Which breeds-of-horses are used on a farm?

Well it depends on the work it does, for plowing big built horses e.g Shire, Clydesdale. And for just riding anything.

Which of these horses is considered the largest?

There are lots of different types of Draft horses, which are larger than normal horses. Typically, the largest of these horses are either the Clydesdale or the Belgian. They can both get really big. The largest horse in the world, Radar, is a Clydesdale. I'm not sure how tall they get, but over 17 hands for sure! Hope this helps!

What are clydesdale horses taught how to do?

Often they are bronken in to pull carriges or for heavy work as they are big, strong builds. Another common use is for riding school horses for rides by different people.

Can you ride a clydesdale in a western saddle?

Clydes are rather big horses. It's not the type of saddle that's important, but that it fits. If it does, go ahead.

How big is a clydesdale penis?

20 inches

Which member of the horse family is largest and strongest Morgan Clydesdale or Arabian?

the clydesdale because of its large body and big muscles clydesdale's are stronger, but the Arabian are faster.

How big are Clydesdale horse shoes?

About 10" in diameter.

What horse looks like and is as big as a clydesdale?

Shires mostly. They are as big as or bigger than Clydesdales

How many times do you clean a horses stall?

Depending on the size of your horse and how much it eats, that is how you determine how often you clean the stall. If the horse "goes" alot, then you will have to clean the stall at least every two days. If it goes only a little and the waste is not big, then three time a week is fine. Do not let the waste stay in the stall for more than four days; the smell will be atrocious and you might as well wair rubber boots to clean with because of all the muck. ---- The cleaner the stall, the happier the horse. I clean my horses stall every day and she stays healthy and happier:)

The clydesdale clippity-clopped down the cobblestones employs?

a big gay yeet

How much pulling power does 1 Clydesdale have?

one big horse power

Why do clydsdale horses have such big feet?

they are very big horses

Do mini horses do well with big horses?

A lot of the time, mini horses are great companions for big horses. The big horses enjoy having them around, as long as the two get on well.

What were Clydesdale horses used for?

Clydesdales are a draft breed, and as such were bred as work horses capable of pulling large loads and working in the fields. They are usually used now as show horses, circus horses, for crossbreeding to create warmblood and sport type horses... and Clydesdales make up the famous Budweiser horse team. Clydesdales are sometimes, but infrequently used as riding horses.Clydesdale horses are too big for some people to ride.... so people usually use them to pull carriages.

Why are horses so big?

Man needed horses to be big to carry him or pull a plow.

Is a clydesdale a good jumper?

No. EDIT: It really depends. A full-blooded Clydesdale is unlikely to be a good jumper, as they are heavily built and very compact. They are made more for pulling weights and using their strength for working. However, when crossed with Thoroughbreds or Warmbloods they make very good cross-country horses as they are big and strong, but also have the speed/leanness of a competition horse. New Zealand, my country, has a breed called the "Stationbred" which is largely based on Clydesdale and Thoroughbred blood. Horses from this breed are bold and definitely look Clydie (they often have white faces, large leg markings and plenty of feather). The Clydie influence gives them the size and strength necessary to make good hunting horses.

How big are the horses lungs?

very big

What are some care needs for percheron horses?

Feeding:Draft horses are big eaters. They will consume about twice as much as other horses They can easily eat about 25 to 50 pounds of hay a day, plus about 5 pounds of concentrated feed if they are being exercised.Housing:Because of their size, the draft horse needs a very large stall if kept inside. They need more room than other horses, for example a 24' x 24' stall would be the minimum size for a Clydesdale. If kept indoors they need to be turned out into a paddock daily.They will do very well in a pasture or on dry lot.Ailments:Most Draft horses are easy keepers. They are not particularly prone to health problems. Good grooming is essential, however, as their coats can get heavy in cold climates. Also the hair around their ankles can attract bacteria in the soil, making them susceptible to "scratches" or pododermititis. This problem is more prevalent in horses that are subjected to wet muddy conditions for extended periods of time. Horses with white feet seem also to be more susceptible to scratches.

When was Big Iron Horses created?

Big Iron Horses was created on 1992-10-09.

What are Clydesdale horse enemies?

snakes, houseflies, bears, wolves, big wild cats, cyotes and foxes

How big can Arabian horses get?

Arabian horses can get up to 15hh.

Why do only fools and horses work?

Horses have big penises

What are a big gang of horses called?

They are called a herd of horses.

How do you become a horses farmer?

if you want to become a horses farmer, all you need to do is take care of it. You need to feed it, clean its stall, groom it every day, ride so it can get fresh air, and much more. It actually is a big responsibility so it should be really hard.

How big is the horses heart?

there heart is as big as there hove