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as big as its ment to be

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Q: How big should a baby be at 35 weeks?
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How big is your baby at 35 weeks and 4 days?

Your baby is approximately 18 inches and 5 1/2 pounds. View : for more information.

What can one expect when 35 weeks pregnant?

When one is 35 weeks pregnant, one can expect to gain about 25 to 29 lbs in weight. The baby should be moving downwards towards the pelvis region at 35 weeks pregnancy.

Can a baby survive at 35 weeks?


Why would someone 29 weeks measure at 35 weeks?

. Because you are actually 35 weeks . Because the baby is very big . Because you have a lot of amniotic fluid . Because you were measured wrong . Because you are having twins or more

How much does a baby weigh at 35 weeks?

They say around your 35th week a baby should weigh around 5 1/4 pounds....Hopefully this will help Varies so much from baby to baby. Our baby was born at 35 weeks weighing 2.5kg which was considered a good size for this gestatation.

When did you conceive your ultrasound on January 13 said that you were 35 and half weeks?

It is impossible to say. An ultrsound at this stage can only say that your baby is an AVERAGE of 35 and a half weeks. You may have a small full-term baby or a big 33 week baby as babies vary so much in size at this stage.

If my cervix is soft at 35 weeks does that mean the baby will be here soon?

I think that you should see a doctor first and get everything checked out.

How many centimeters should you measure at 35 weeks pregnant?


Is it safe to deliver at 35 weeks?

It is generally safe to go for delivery by 36 weeks. When indicated like in preeclampsia, you may go for delivery at 35 weeks. You may have to put the baby in premature baby unit to give that extra care.

How much does a baby weigh at 35 weeks pregnancy?

In cases of Fetal Growth Restriction it is better for the baby to be delivered at 35 weeks, than to remain pregnant and possibly face further restriction or loss.

How many weeks does it take for a baby to form?

facts say between 35 to 40 weeks the baby will be fully form and will have rights as a human being

Does a 35 week gestation baby have big genitals?

They are baby size so I would hardly call them big.

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