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How big should should a tank be if you have three turtles?

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The proper rule of thumb is 10 gallons for every inch of Aquatic turtle you have. So if your three turtles each measure 4 inches long, for example, you need to have AT LEAST a 120 gallon tank.

No Tank is Really Going to be Large EnoughFor a group of turtles, no aquarium is ever really going to be large enough. The post above provides an excellent guideline for how much swimming space to provide your turtles - but you must also allow for basking space as well. Your best bet is to look into a preformed pond (which are available at most home improvement stores). When set up properly they provide a more natural habitat (less stressful for your turtles), and are much easier to clean, light, and heat... they are also far less expensive - allowing you to spend your money on fixing them up - rather than providing the bear minimum. :)

That is not true you need maybe about a 30-40 gallon tank. :)

2010-09-27 01:36:15
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Q: How big should should a tank be if you have three turtles?
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How much water do you put in my turtles tank?

it should be around 3/4 of a tank, but if its a big tank usually 1/2

How big of a tank do sea turtles need?

SEA TURTLES... think!

Can you put two small turtles together in the tank?

depends how big the tank is

Can you put 2 turtles in a 30 gallon tank?

I think it depends on how big the turtles are.

How big do pet turtles grow?

they get really my turtle got to big i had to get a new tank.

How big of a tank should painted turtles have?

Depending on the species and how big the turtle will get, you will need to buy a bigger tank as it grows. If it is an adult, around 5 inches then 40 gallons is a good size to start with.

Do turtles have to have a big area to live?

it depends if the turtle is small if its small it can live in small places example a small fish tank with some rocks in it a big turtle should live in a large tank with rocks in it

How big of a tank do you need for 2 turtles?

You need a 40 gallon tank to keep two turtles.

How big should your tank be for your 2 goldfish?

for a tank of 2 goldfish it should be about as big as a big microwave

How big should my leopard gecko tank be?

60cm long

How big should a mud turtle's tank be?

That is a good question if you want to find that out you should go to yahoo a lot of people there know about turtles you just might find your answer there

How big do male musk turtles get?

musk turtles can grow to be 5 to 7 in long full grown and can be kept in a 5 gallon tank

What does a Chinchilla rabbit look like?

big as three turtles

How big of a tank should your red eared slider have?

They should have at least a 40 gal tank. The tank should long not tall.

Is a 30 gallon tank big enough for 2 baby turtles?

Hey there, a 30 gallon is definitely too small for 2 baby turtles it also depends on the adult size of the turtles

Can sun turtles and snapping turtles live together?

Sun turtles are land turtles and species of Snappers are aquatic, u can put them together but u would have to have a big enough tank to where they both had equal amounts of room to move about, and that would be a pretty big tank, the sun turtle would need a sand habitat and the Snapper would need a water habitat, they would still fight because Turtles tend to be terratorial.

Do turtles eat big goldfish?

As a rule of thumb, you should not feed your turtle anything bigger than his head. Aquatic or semi aquatic turtles can eat fish. However, if you have them in a tank, even with filtration, it can cause an oily film on the surface of the water.

What kind of fishes do red eared sliders eat?

they can eat guppies and betta fish the betta fish will put up a fight sometimes they wont eat the fish and just leave the fish there for a tank mate if there is any amount in a tank together but if you put to many big turtles in a tank with little turtles the big ones will eat it

What can you keep turtles in?

An aquarium or glass fish tank, (a large rat cage if its not aquatic) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- How big is it? We need details

How big should a turtle tank be?

A turtle tank should be 20 gallons or more to be a good home. Depending on the species and how big the turtle will get, you will need to buy a bigger tank as it grows.

What one word do these three words have in common service tank and big?

Think! - Think Service, Think Tank, Think Big!

What kind of tank should you get for a salamander?

A tank with holes big enough for it to escape..

Can many turtles live in the same tank?

It depends on how big the tank or pond is you need 10to gallons for each baby turtle or 20 for each adult turtle

Do you need a tank for a turtle?

It depends what kind of turtle it is.Some turtles do not need water and can be kept in a room,or big area.

Can goldfish be in a tank with turtles?

If you want them to live then i would suggest that you get big fish so that the turtle doesn't harm them because they will eat your fish. no goldfish are small and turtles will eat them separate them