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How big should should a tank be if you have three turtles?

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2010-09-27 01:36:15

The proper rule of thumb is 10 gallons for every inch of Aquatic

turtle you have. So if your three turtles each measure 4 inches

long, for example, you need to have AT LEAST a 120 gallon tank.

"No_Tank_is_Really_Going_to_be_Large_Enough" id=

"No_Tank_is_Really_Going_to_be_Large_Enough">No Tank is Really

Going to be Large Enough

For a group of turtles, no aquarium is ever really going to be

large enough. The post above provides an excellent guideline for

how much swimming space to provide your turtles - but you must also

allow for basking space as well. Your best bet is to look into a

preformed pond (which are available at most home improvement

stores). When set up properly they provide a more natural habitat

(less stressful for your turtles), and are much easier to clean,

light, and heat... they are also far less expensive - allowing you

to spend your money on fixing them up - rather than providing the

bear minimum. :)

That is not true you need maybe about a 30-40 gallon tank.


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