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How big was Adolf Hitler's army?

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About 18,000,00 men that's all the info i found i know it was big

2011-09-13 04:19:15
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Which country was not captured by adolf hitlers army?


What have you gained from Adolf Hitlers legacy?

from hitlers legacy my family's men have always joined the army since WW2

What was Adolf Hitlers role in world war 2?

He was the leader of Germany and Supreme Commander of the German army.

What is Hitlers name?

Adolf Hitler

What was hitlers reall name?


What is Adolf Hitlers country?


What was Adolf Hitlers nickname?

Teppichfresser or Carpet-ChewerAnswerhitlers nickname was Geffory

Adolf Hitlers full name?

His full name is Adolf Hitler.

Who was adolf hitlers mum?

susan boyle

What was Hitlers name?

His name is Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitlers mother was what German?

She was Austrian.

What is Adolf Hitlers weight and height?


When was adolf hitlers rain?

From 1933 to 1945.

What was Adolf Hitlers favorite foods?


What was Hitlers christian name?

Adolf Hitler

What were Adolf Hitlers consequences?

he committed suicide

What is adolf hitlers autographical?

Mein kampf

What was adolf hitlers responsibilities?

To rule germany

Adolf Hitlers success in his schooling?

Adolf Hitler was bullied at school for having a dream about leading the army. Goes to show them because Hitler did become leader, a bad leader too!

Adolf Hitlers Christian names?

His full name and Christian name is Adolf Hitler.

Who killed the most people in the world?

adolf hitlers army No, contrary to poplular belief that is not true. I know Stalin is up their but even he doesn't have the highest number.

What was adolf hitlers focus in his early life?

An education.

Who is Adolf Hitlers mom?

Her name was Klara Hitler.

Who was adolf hitlers family?

mr t and marge

Adolf hitlers telephone number in the bunker?