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Q: How big was William Taft when he was a baby?
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What nicknames did William Howard Taft go by?

William Howard Taft went by Big Bill.

Which candidate in the presidential election of 1912 had angered both big businesses and reformer?

William Howard Taft

What is William howard Taft nickname?

Big Bill was one nickname for Taft.

What were William taft's views on big business?

he agreed with it

What presidents nickname is Big Bill?

William Howard Taft. He was a big man.

William Howard Taft nick name?

President William Howard Taft had two different nicknames. These nicknames included the Big Lub and he was also known as the Big Chief.

Who was nicknamed big bill?

William Howard Taft was appropriately called Big Bill.

What was William Howard Taft's nickname?

William Howard Taft actually did not have nickname when he was young, but when he grew up people called him all sorts of fat name. They called Taft fat names because he is fat.

Which president as nicknamed big bill?

William Howard Taft was "Big Bill" . He was a mighty big man.

What was William Taft position on big business?

Taft did not have a great attitude toward big business. There were 90 antitrust suits during his tenure as president.

Which US president was know as Big Bill?

President William Taft was known as "Big Bill."

What party did William Howard Taft belong to?

William H. Taft was a Republican