How big was a Tyrannosaurus?

There are many different dinosaur books that state different sizes of the tyrannosaurus rex. These sizes range from 40 feet long to 49 feet long. It's maximum length was probably close to 50 feet long. The paleantologists have only found remains, incomplete remains, of the Tyrannosaurus. Reptiles never stop growing over their lifetime, so a Tyrannosaurus that has lived for a long time probably grew to a size larger than the few remains that paleantologists have found.
On average, Tyrannosaurus probably grew to from 40 feet to 46 feet long, about 20 feet tall and weighed 7 tons.

Tarbosaurus, which some paleontologists think may just be the Asian version of T-Rex. It measured 39-43 feet long, stood 18 feet tall, and weighed about 5-6 tons.

Answer2: Tyrannosaurus rex (tyrant giant lizard) was about 10 feet [3 m] high at the hips. When standing, it could measure some 20 feet [6m] tall. It was about 40 feet [12m] long. Its head was up tp four feet [1.2m] in length, and it's large mouth was equipped with many six inch [15m] conelike teeth. The hind legs were very small. A huge lizardlike tail brought up the rear. Rather than walking ir is now concluded that the tyrannosaurs held their bodies horizontal, balancing their body's weight with their long tail. Exerpt from Awake magazine, Jehovah's Witnesses official website
Approximately 20 ft.
About 35 feet long and 15 tall.
its legs is 40 feet im not sure how big is it but i think its almost 6 - 13 meters long

Improved Answer

A tyrannosaurus stands about 16 ft to 19 ft tall on two legs upright. It is estimated to be as much as 42 ft long from head to tail end. The legs of it measure at least 7 or 8 ft tall. When bending down or lowering its body, the t-rex can reach 13 ft tall from ground to the head top. T-rex can weigh as much as 9 tons or 18,000 lbs.
How big is a t-rex