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The first horse was Sifrhippus (siff-RIP-us). It was the size of a cat and weighed about 12 lbs.

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Q: How big was the first horse?
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How big was the first horse on earth?

The first horse was Sifrhippus (siff-RIP-us). It was the size of a cat and weighed about 12 lbs.

How big is the Caspian horse?

the Caspian horse is as big and a balingoba

What did tonto call his horse?

Tonto first rode a Paint horse called "Big Fellow". In later episodes he rode a Pinto named "Scout".

How big are the wheels on the first car made?

Quite big. They looked a lot like the wheels on the horse drawn carriages that were used at the time.

How big is a average horse?

around 5 foot 1 is how big the avrege horse gets

How big was the largest squid?

as big as a horse

How big are swordfish?

About as big as a horse and as heavy

How much bags of horse feed does a horse eat?

it all dependents how big is the horse what kind of horse is it what does the horse do

How was the first car look like?

like a buggy without a horse and a big tank mounted on it with a chimney

How big can a fully grown horse get?

it depends on the breed of horse

What is a Belgian horse?

it is a type of Draft horse. They are very big.

How big is a horse when it is born?

It usually depends on the breed of horse.

Do horse have big cocks?

yes,really big

How big was Babe Ruth's penis?

As big as a horse.

What is as big as a horse but weighs nothing?

Well, the horse's shadow would be as big as the horse at certain times of the day...

How big can a American bulldog get.when you feed them horse meat everday?

well im pretty sure by my calculations as big as a horse since your feeding him a horse

How big is the head of a palomino horse?

palomino is a horse color, not a breed.

How big is a palomino horse?

There is no such thing as a palomino horse. Palomino is a color.

What was the first type of horse called?

the first horse was hyracotherim

What was the very first horse breed?

There is no "first" breed. The first TYPE of horse was called Eohippus (the dawn horse). The oldest horse breeds are the Arabian and Barb.

What horse was larger big brown or secretariat?

big brown

What do you call a big horse?

A big horse is called a stallion. These are generally the most powerful and most dominant horses in the pack.

Did big Ben the horse have a kid?

Big Ben was gelded as a young horse so he could not produce any offspring.

Is a stallion a big girl horse?

No. A stallion is a male horse that can still breed. A mare is a female horse.

How do you canter on a horse?

cantering is a 3 beat ...first you have to feel 100% comforable with walking and make your horse canter give him a big kick.keep kicking until it feels smoother and faster then a trot..if your horse doesent go into a canter with a few big kicks try kissing to him. GOOD LUCK! -ruby4050