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McDonalds didn't start until 1955.

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How many grams of protein does a hamburger from McDonalds have?

There are 13g of proteins in a hamburger from McDonalds.

What year was the first hamburger at McDonalds sold?

McDonalds first hamburger was sold in 1955

What is Price of mcdonalds hamburger in 1968?

The price of a McDonalds' Hamburger back in 1968 was 18 cents.

What would a hamburger cost in US dollars in Norway?

Depend on what hamburger! At mcdonalds a big mac plusmenu costed me rougly 31 USD!

What is the weight of a mcdonalds hamburger?

The published weights of a hamburger are before cooking.

How is a hamburger chemical energy?

This depends on the mass and recipe of the hamburger; for a McDonalds common hamburger the value is 240 kcal.

How much did the first hamburger at Mcdonalds cost?

The cost of a hamburger was 15 cents in 1955.

How much did a McDonalds hamburger cost on 1972?

The cost of a hamburger this year was 25 cents.

How many calories are in a double hamburger at McDonald's?

There are 370 calories in a Doble Hamburger at McDonalds

What was the price of a mcdonalds hamburger in 1970?

You kept your hamburger from the 1970s. What kind of sick person are you

How many calories are in 1 single hamburger at McDonalds?

A McDonald's hamburger has 240 calories.

What is the price of a McDonald's hamburger in 1984?

The price of a McDonalds' Hamburger in 1984 was 50 cents.

How many cows are there in a mcdonalds burger?

Over a hundred on average, cows are in a McDonalds hamburger.

How much is a hamburger meal at Mcdonalds?

Depends what hamburger, it can be anywhere to $1-7 including tax.

How much sugar does a mcdonalds hamburger have?

reglar hamburger about 27 grams a mcdouble 54 grams

How many fat grams are in 1 hamburger at McDonalds?

There are 8 fat grams in a hamburger from McDonald's.

What happened in November of 1963?

McDonalds made a hamburger.

How much did a McDonalds hamburger cost on 1970?

Approx. 28 cents for a hamburger and 38 cents for a cheeseburger.

What is the price of a hamburger at McDonald's in 1990's?

the price of the mcdonalds hamburger was £55 in the 1990's

Where did the name mcdonalds come from?

It is the name of the founders of the hamburger chain.

How does McDonalds cook their Hamburger buns?

They are placed in a bun toaster.

How much was a McDonald's hamburger in 1950?

There were no McDonalds hamburgers in 1950

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