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It isn't as far as I know. The dealer can put in writing (sales order) what he/she will sell a car for but it doesn't obligate the consumer. Most of the time when the dealer doesn't put it in writing they can back out of the deal. Putting it in writing only obligates the dealer. Until the contract and financing go through the buyer is not obligated. Let's face it... if you haven't paid money for the car already, can anyone really make you buy it?

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Q: How binding is a sales order from a dealership?
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To get a match for a specific remote on a 2003 Trailblazer you will need to order it from a dealership. Any dealership that sales Trailblazers will be able to order you a new remote.

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Texas sales tax used car purchased from a dealership?

I believe the sales tax is the same if you buy from a dealership or from an individual - $6.25%.

Dealer did not sign contract?

The car dealership did not sign my contract, is it still binding?

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The average income of a sales manager in the northeast USA in a auto dealership is $100,000 per yr. Deuces

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It has proven difficult to find a specific percent of car sales that are done online. Many car sales are initially started by doing internet research but the purchase takes place at the dealership. It has been stated that about 30% of dealership sales come from the internet.

Are new car sales that are reported shipments from the manufacturer to the dealership or from the dealership to the consumer?

Dealership to the consumer is when the car is officially sold. Cars on the dealers lot are inventory and not reported as sold.

What is the sales tax on used car purchases in atlanta?

If you buy it from a private owner there is no sales tax. If you get it from a dealership, you'll pay ~8% sales tax

What is the salary for a general sales manager of a car dealership?

between 90k and 200k

Do you pay sales tax at the car dealership when you buy a used car or do you have to go to the dmv?

As with any sales business, the car dealer must collect the sales tax.

What does the general manager of a car dealership do?

The General Manager is responsible for the entire dealership. each department in a dealership has a manager, service manager, parts manager, sales manager, but the general manager is captain of the ship,

Is a sales agreement binding if your wife puts your name on the credit application but you never signed it?

Absolutely, positively, not. Find out what car dealers don't want you to know at Sales agreements are not binding to any party however sales contracts are. You are not legally bound if you did not sign the sales contract. Consequently you may have a credit inquiry on your record that you did not request.

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Do you have to pay sales tax if you buy a used car?

Yes. You pay the sales tax to the dealership. If you buy from someone who is not a dealer, then the highway department will collect it from you.

If you just recently returned to an auto dealership as a sales consultant and you are just starting out what would you do to increase your sales?

Approach every day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

What type of information does the New Car Dealership website have to offer?

The new car dealership websites generally offer promotions and sales relating to the purchase of new and previously owned vehicles.

What would be a good company to look into to buy service into my car?

If you wanted to purchase a new service for your car. Then you would have to visit your local dealership. You can also speak with a sales representative at the dealership.

How often does Chrysler hold sales?

Chrysler, just like any other dealership, does offer sales. However, these sales do not happen often. They are usually only seasonal, or annual. Keep updated, and be sure not to miss them.

Can a sixteen year old be held to a legally binding sales contract?

No, they are a minor and the contract cannot be enforced.

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Lanre Shittu is a well known auto and truck dealer in Nigeria. He recently got the MACK dealership in West Africa. The dealership offers superb after sales service. You can bet on buying original spare parts for your Mack truck from this dealership.

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