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If the mortgage is recorded at the county recorders office, it's just the same. Why, are you trying to get out of a promise that you made to pay back a loan?

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Q: How binding is a second mortgage made through individuals and not a mortgage company?
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Where can you get mortgages from?

A mortgage can be acquired through lenders and banks that allows individuals to get such mortgage provided they qualify for the requirements lenders / banks are looking for people applying for a mortgage.

How can you find out what their california mortgage rate is?

If your mortgage is through a bank, call them. If it's through a mortgage company then they could tell you anything you needed to know. Just give them a call.

Can you have 2 mortgage loans through same mortgage company?

Yes. Your mortgage company may hold your first (or primary) mortgage as well as a second which may be represented as a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit.

How do you know if you had mortgage insurance?

This depends on what you mean by mortgage insurance. If you are talking about products like PMI (Premium Mortgage Insurance) look on your escrow billing and it will be listed. If you are talking about a life insurance policy that would be either through credit life with your mortgage company or separately through an insurance company.

What companies offer mortgage services through a company website?

Companies that offer mortgage services through a company site are National mortgages settlement which is for homeowners. Another is HARP Lenders who is with Freddie Mac.

Do you qualify for the 8000 credit if you go through a conventional mortgage company and not FHA?

Yes. Whether you have a mortgage or not or where you got it is not relevant.

Should I get a loan modification attorney or do it myself?

It depends on if your mortgage company is willing to work with you. Our attorney advised us to work with the mortgage company directly. This was the process we went through: 1. Call mortgage company and speak to specialist.2. Fill out questionnaire sent by mortgage company to home owner.3. Gather & send in paperwork requested by mortgage company.4. Receive response from mortgage company.5. Receive, sign and send back loan modification paperwork.

What services are provided by KB Homes company?

KB Homes company provides mortgage banking services to the majority of its domestic homebuyers through its wholly-owned subsidiary KB Homes Mortgage Company.

Where can you find emc mortgage in Missouri?

There may not be an EMC Mortgage in Missouri. The company has been involved in a lot of controversy, and it wouldn't be a good idea to bank through them anyways. Consider a mortgage through a local bank.

What is a Paramount equity mortgage?

A Paramount Equity mortgage can be described very simply. One of the best ways to describe this is simply a mortgage through the Paramount Equity company.

What is a mortgage finder and who uses them?

"A mortgage finder allows an individual to look through many mortgage company interest rates, allowing them to choose the best one for them. Any consumer in the market for a mortgage loan could use a mortgage finder."

21st Mortgage Company is a Tennessee mortgage company and their web page says they do not offer financing in Massachusetts so how did they end up with my home mortgage?

The may have acquired your mortgage through an assignment from an affiliate. Also, they may be a servicing agent for the original lender. You can check the local land records to determine if an assignment of mortgage was recorded.

If your home owners insurance is part of your mortgage payment and you stop paying your mortgage what happens to your insurance coverage?

Once you have defaulted on your mortgage or have gone into foreclosure all your rights on the homeowners policy are null and void. all rights of recovery revert to the Mortgage company. Basically you become uninsured and the mortgage company remains insured through the policy term. Also if the policy gets cancelled due to the foreclosure any refunds belong to the mortgage company.

What does the company CountryWide Homes do?

CountryWide Homes was a home mortgage lending company. The company struggled through the housing crisis and was bought out and renamed by Bank of America.

Where can one apply for a Chicago mortgage loan?

One can apply for a mortgage loan in Chicago in a couple of different ways. One can get on contact with a mortgage company, and their own broker, or one can go through a bank.

What steps are involved in getting a second mortgage?

One first must understand the components required in the mortgage. Then, one can talk to a professional from a bank or mortgage company. Through this professional, one can learn how to fill out the required paperwork to get a second mortgage.

Where is the Everhome Mortgage company located?

The Everhome Mortgage company is located in Jacksonville, Florida. It is a leading mortgage servicer nationwide. In addition to loan servicing, customers can get financing for new loans through EverBank home lending division which includes fixed-rate mortgages, ARMs and more.

What company provides the best texas mortgage rates?

Houston Mortgage is known as a leader in the Texas mortgage industry. It offers a variety of online aids and a free mortgage calculator to help customers find their best rates. Houston Mortgage also offers live personnel to assist customers through the mortgage process.

Can I reverse my mortgage new through refinancing?

You will have to check with your mortgage provider, because every company is different; some do not offer that option, while others may do so for a fee.

What is a good mortgage company to work with to get a home loan if I have bad credit?

You can try going through the FHA for a loan.

How does one generate mortgage leads?

Mortgage leads can be obtained by appealing to real estate agents, purchasing leads from a company that generates mortgage leads, through advertisement and local publications that express the desire to obtain leads, and several other methods.

What is mortage insurance?

The term Mortgage Insurance can mean different things to different people and in a variety of situations. I have heard it refer to life insurance designed to pay off a mortgage balance due to death of an insured person. another type of Mortgage Insurance is products such a PMI, which indemnifies a bank or mortgage company in the case of a default on a mortgage loan. In this type of mortgage insurance the person who takes out the loan pays the premiums through their house payments, but will not receive any benefit from the insurance as the only one who gets paid is the bank or mortgage company. The insurance company can then still come after the borrower for the amount of their loss.

Where can one find mortgage refinance online?

One may find mortgage refinance solutions online through Manulife One. They are industry leaders and have an easy to use web interface that allows individuals to calculate and receive free estimates.

If two people buy a property as joint tenants and finance it through a mortgage company and one of them dies who does the deceased property pass to?

The survivor is automatically the owner of the property and is responsible for the full amount of the mortgage.

Where can one find Mortgage Lender online?

One can find a mortgage lender online through various websites. It is rather easy to compare various rates by directly looking at each company and its policies.