How blackberry works?

Blackberry is created by Research in Motion (RIM) and is a handheld wireless unit or personal digital assistant (PDA). The Blackberry service reads information from enterprise class exchange systems which relays to the handheld unit.

Although the Blackberry itself is a of PDS, it is not designed for use in the same way as you would a PocketPC or Palm Pilot. Those units were created to be mobile miniature computers and in some cases do offer extra features such as email capabilities. The Blackberry is built around the email and calender reading with some PDA type features as well as a full alphanumberic keypad. The majority of todays Blackberry units also have mobile wireless capabilities (cell phone).

So what makes it work?

Well the most obvious answer would be, The Blackberry unit itself, but on top of that the Blackberry service is what powers the features. The email redirection is run by either the Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES) which communicated directly with the exchange server. Alternatively there is a Blackberry Desktop redirection that will synchronize directly with your personal computer.

How does the service work?

A BlackBerry receives email through the following process: # The Exchange account receives the message. # The redirector looks in the email account, finds the message, and forwards it to the BlackBerry service provided by Research in Motion (RIM), the BlackBerry creator. # RIM's BlackBerry service sends the message to the wireless data network. # The wireless data network provider sends the message in a wireless signal to the BlackBerry device. (You must be in a data coverage area to receive mail.) # The BlackBerry receives the signal and displays the message.