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How can Humpty Dumpty potato chips customer services be contacted?


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September 24, 2009 2:56PM

Humpty Dumpty customer service

Humpty Dumpty foods apparently has been bought by Old Dutch Foods. If you plug in the web address,, it will take you to a screen that informs you of the buyout of Humpty Dumpty. It also will let you click on Old Dutch to take you to their website. Good luck.

From TheBeeB - Sept 24, 2009:

I live in Vermont and have a difficult time finding Humpty Dumpty chips in my part of the state. After some research, I found out that they are distributed in Vermont and Maine (and likely elsewhere) by a company in Scarborough, Maine called Michaud Distributors.

I called there and spoke to a very helpful lady that promised to try to contact the driver for my area to find out about getting some local stores to carry the Humpty Dumpty line.

Rather than give their phone number here (and possibly cause them to receive endless consumer calls), I recommend you Google for the company, and get the contact information from there. Best of luck!

-Another Humpty Dumpty Fanatic