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How can I add a red tint to polyurethane I want it to be translucent but I need the polyurethane for stability?


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February 14, 2008 2:58PM

If it is a water base poly, my guess is that a red food coloring or artists watercolor or acrylic paint which also thins with water could add a tint or even real color, depending on the amount used, to give you translucence. You could try it with as little as a tablespoon full of poly and a small dot of watercolor or drops of red food coloring, etc. Mix them on a newspaper and you can surely see and read the result. Mix them in an empty tuna can or metal lid you might discard if you need to try a larger amt. Apply and let dry. Adjust as needed. Alizarin Crimson is the color for a cool red--such as a rose flower--and very translucent. A warmer Christmas red, and not so transparent, might be an Acra red in acrylics. Any craft section of large stores often carry small 1-2 oz bottles of many acrylic colors and tiny to larger tubes of watercolor. You'll find liquid or powdered food coloring in the cake decorating section. Try WM, Miklz, JoAnz, HbbyLby--if you get those encoded names.