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If it is a water base poly, my guess is that a red food coloring or artists watercolor or acrylic paint which also thins with water could add a tint or even real color, depending on the amount used, to give you translucence. You could try it with as little as a tablespoon full of poly and a small dot of watercolor or drops of red food coloring, etc. Mix them on a newspaper and you can surely see and read the result. Mix them in an empty tuna can or metal lid you might discard if you need to try a larger amt. Apply and let dry. Adjust as needed. Alizarin Crimson is the color for a cool red--such as a rose flower--and very translucent. A warmer Christmas red, and not so transparent, might be an Acra red in acrylics. Any craft section of large stores often carry small 1-2 oz bottles of many acrylic colors and tiny to larger tubes of watercolor. You'll find liquid or powdered food coloring in the cake decorating section. Try WM, Miklz, JoAnz, HbbyLby--if you get those encoded names.

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Can you tint poly with a little stain?

Minwax makes a product called Polyshades that has stain and polyurethane mixed together. It is not meant for floors. Adding stain to polyurethane will cause the chemicals to be deluded. It will not bond correctly and possibly not dry at all.

Will polyurethane protect walls from stains?

Well it would work if you brushed on the polyurethane ona wall that is made out of the same material as atable, and provide adequate protection from stains, scratches, and heat. Most readily available polyurethane finishes have a slight amber tint to them, which can enhance the visible grain patterns in the wood.

To lighten up varnished pine cabinets can you add white tint to polyurethane to get a kind of pickled look?

Better to use a thinned white primer first, then varnish.

Do you need a lens tint for single vision glasses?


What is a tint in hairdressing?

a tint is a colour

Is pink a tint?

Yes, pink is a tint of red.

What do you call a person that removes tint?

A tint remover

Are these colours a tint or a shade and from what additive primary colours are they derived lavender wine emerald and peach?

lavendar is a tint, wine is a shade, emerald is a tint and peach is a tint

What does the 35 percent of car tint mean?

It means the tint will allow 35% of light to pass through the window. Remember, car windows have a slight tint from the factory so you must add the aftermarket tint factor to the existing tint.

What percentage is limousine tint?

Limousine tint is usually 5%.

How do you find out the color of tint on your car windows I need to replace my rear windshield how do I know if its green gray or blue tint?

You can ask any police department or sherriffs department to check your tint. Or you can take it to a dealer or some sort of body shop to test the tint. Usually have a meter that you stick over the window and it would give you a digital reading. Different states have different laws regarding this. Some states will not allow your tint to be darker than 25% or 30%

How do you remove the rear window speaker panel on a 1999 Taurus?

on my 1999 Taurus I took the window tint off and I need to get at some pieces of tint that fell into the center brake light area, so how do I take out the rear speaker panel so I can get rid of all of the tint pieces. Thanks

What is the definition of a tint?

TINT is paint that you got to add white to finish

What is another word for tint or shade?

another word for tint or shade is tone

What do you add to a color to make a tint?

You add black to a colour to make it a tint.

Why does your tongue get a yellow tint?

When there is a yellow tint on your tongue, it could be some sort of fungal infection. Gastric reflux is another reason to have a yellow tint.

When was window tint invented?

3m invented window tint in 1966. Madico invented window tint, 3m patented a process for making it in 1966

Is white a tint?

Not really ---- a tint is white with a small amount of a hue (that is, a colour) mixed into it.

What is the difference between shade and tint?

a tint is adding white and a shade is adding black

What happens with a first time tint ticket?

You have to remove the tint and pay a small fine

Why does external monitor hooked to laptop have a green tint to it and laptop monitor is fine when tint adjustments will not fix the problem?

External monitor needs adjustment to eliminate tint.

What color is added to tint a color?

Black is added to a color to tint it which means to darken the color.

When a mineral is rubbed against unglazed ceramic the color left behind is it tint or streak?


How do you tint a tail light?

you tint the glass cover over the light, and you can get that done by going to a tinter

When was Kyaw Tint Swe born?

Kyaw Tint Swe was born on 1945-03-19.