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Errrrm. I am sorry but why do you have to find snake in your house.

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Q: How can I find a snake in my house?
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How do you find a lost snake in your house?

by keeping snake food in your house

Can you find a garter snake near your house?

Not by my house. It depends where you live as to whether you can find a garter snake near yours.

What does it mean when you find a snake in the house?

It most likely means there is a hole somewhere in your house that a snake can crawl through.

How do you catch a non poisonous snake in your house?

Whether it is Poisonous or non-poisonous the first thing and a simple thing to do if you find a snake in your House is to Put a Plastic Basin / Bucket on the head portion of the snake.

What is the name of the house of snake?

The Herpetarium is the snake house at the zoo.

When was Seychelles House Snake created?

Seychelles House Snake was created in 1837.

Where can you find a snake?

you can definitely find a snake in grassy areas.

When was Yellow-bellied House Snake created?

Yellow-bellied House Snake was created in 1893.

Can a snake get into your bed?

Yes it can if the snake somehow gets inside your house.

Will you normally find more than one snake in a house?

No. In fact most houses don't have any snakes in them.

Where can you find a snake ray?

You can find a snake ray up youre mamas a**

Can a snake eat a house?

No - there are no snakes capable of eating a house !

What do you do if you find a snake?

if you want to hold a little snake hold it by the tial and the head of the snake

What snake is the most common house pet?

Probably the Corn Snake or the Ball Python.

What is a snake house in a zoo called?

reptille house, Serpentes herpetology

If you open an umbrella in the house a snake will enter the house Why?

This is a odd question, as their is no link between umbrellas and snakes. As far as I know, opening an umbrella in your house has no effect of snake migration.

How and where does the mambas snake makes its house?

They are a highly-venomous African species. However - they don't 'make a house' at all they simply find a disused rodent hole if the need shelter.

What snake isn't poisonous?

Grass snake, worm snake, phython google it you will find thousands

What is a family snakes called?

a house snake

Do you have a enemy if you found a snake in your house?


Where Do Suborder Serpents live?

Snake House

What does it mean if you find a snake in your house?

usually it is treated as a bad sign...huh. it will lead you to vacate the house permanently or if that animal stays in your house (disappeared...escaped thro holes) is said that something positive... Regards

When is a black snake most likely to enter a house?

A black snake is most likely to enter a house if there is an entrance way for the snake to get through. Buildings with cracks and small holes on the exterior are prone to vermin infestations.

How do you make snake brick in everybody edits?

There is no snake brick. There are only other bricks. BTW I was trying to find how do you get the snake bot? So if you find the answer look at it and tell me or I'll find it myself.

Where will you not find a snake?

in antartica