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From your description it sounds like the same problem I have had with my 94. I replaced the fuel Injectors and that fixed it right up. hopefully that helps. Take it to a qualified mechanic for a diagnostic Check for computer signal, ECT, noid pulse,

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โˆ™ 2006-05-25 03:47:45
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Q: How can I find out what causes my 93 Chevy Cheyenne to lope when it's idling and I've replaced everything the manual told me to check?
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Why is my 1998 Chevy Cheyenne idling really rough?

I would suggest a new set of plug wires.

What causes idling?

Taking your foot off the accelerator.

What causes a hum when driving but not when idling?

Probably wheel bearings or wheels are unbalanced

What causes a car vibrate at light stop?

It is idling. This is hard for an engine to do smoothly.

I have been having problems with my Mazda mx6 idling erratically and stallingon a cold start I cant figure out where the problem is coming from Not to mention I've changed and replaced everything?

sounds like iac or air in the cooling system

What causes my jeep to stall while idling?

There are several things that can cause your Jeep to stall while idling. The timing may be off or your fuel filter may be clogged.

Why would your Dodge Durango stall when idling at a stop light?

Your Dodge Durango may stall when idling at a stop light for a couple of reason. One reason may be that a part needs to be replaced on the car.

What causes a car engine to die while idling at a light?

This could be a few things, especially if the vehicle is idling too low. Check your PVC hose, particularly the elbows for wear and tear or any holes or collapsing. You can repair these temporarily by wiping them off well to remove dirt and wrapping in electrical tape until you are able to get the part replaced.

Car died while idling?

If the car dies while idling, the timing might be off. Other causes can include a clogged fuel filter or a bad spark plug.

What causes high idling?

Could be several reasons but a vacuum leak would be most likely.

What causes low oil pressure in 95 s10 blazer after idling for a few minutes?

the coil

What causes engine miss when idling?

There could be many reasons, a vacuum leak is one possibility.

What causes fan belts to make noise while idling on a 1997 Mazda protege?

The belts are becoming worn and need to be replaced, or the fanbelt tensionning device needs adjustment. The only other thing it could be is that one of the things that the belts are driving is becoming seized (AC pump, power steering pump etc); but if everything else is OK then it is most probably the belts being worn out.

What causes a whistling sound when idling but stops as soon as you press the gas?

Your engine probably has a vacuum leak

What causes diesel tractor to run fast but die when idling?

It sounds like you have air in your fuel system.

What causes squeaking noise while idling?

One of your belts may be loose or in need of belt dressing.

What causes squealing when an aircompressor is running or idling?

A worn or loose out of adjustment drive belt could be the cause.

What causes a 2002 Toyota Sienna to start but not stay running?

twice Toyota replaced the idling valve assembly in my 2001 sienna van, under the 36,000 mi warranty, since then I've had it replaced another 2 times. the mechanics say it's a defect in camryand sienna vans. so my last mechanic advised me to use better brand gas like chevron, which i guess helps coz i used to put any type from arco, vons, Costco, generic types. when the idling assy is replaced, it starts and idles fine, assy alone costs about $220-260+

What causes a 350 5.7 to miss when idling ina 92 Chevy k2500?

You should check the timing and plugs.

2000 sl surging and idling high?

I have the same problem. I believe the idle air control valve either needs to be cleaned or replaced.

How do you fix the idling on a 2001 Ford Focus?

my idling on my 2001 ford focus is not idling correct, tried to adjust idling but there is no screw or way to adjust why?

What causes squealing in a car when idling?

Usually, it is your fan belt slipping due to moister. You can get a spray for it at your local auto store.

What causes a 1986 Oldsmobile to stall while in gear but runs good while idling?

it maybe just a timing problem

What could be the problem with my john deere 318 onan engine that causes it to surge when idling?

probably the governor going bad

Will spark plug gap causes a RPM gauge to go up and down while idling?

The spark plug gap can cause the RPMs to fluctuate, while idling. The more probable cause of the fluctuating RPMs is a bad camshaft.