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if you look on the back of the cover of the fuse box it should have a diagram with labels for all the fuses

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How do you replace the water pump serpentine belt on a 1995 Mazda Protege?

powersteering belt off first, then water pump, each has its own ten.

How Self adjusting brake system works in Mazda Protege 2000. I couldn't found any adjuster screw with star wheel as many of the documents suggest. I have Mazda Protege manual and i can give a snapshot?

On 2000 Mazda protege's the rear drum brake shoes use self-adjusters, they (sometimes) self-adjust, it looks like two levers facing each other and when you push the brake shoes away from each other the self adjusters move out more, adjust these until there is about 1 turn of drag on your brake rotor with the drum on, of course. If the handbrake is still lower than desired there is a 10mm nut (use a deep socket) on the drivers side of the handle inside the rubber flap, turn this to adjust brake lever height.

Parts for your 2002 Mazda Protege is there another year that is compatible that you can switch parts with?

Yes, many of the 2003 parts work the same as the 2002 parts. You need to check each parts individually.

How do you remove the radio on a 2000 Mazda Protege?

I removed my Mazda radio recently and it took 1-1/2 hours. First, you have to remove the box under the radio with a large (1/4 inch) and very tiny screwdriver or strong metal, to get access to : 2 press large and strong buttons, one each side of the radio. I had to push and pull frequently to release both side. Be gently and the radio will come out.

What fuse would you replace for the tail lights in a 2000 dodge durango?

The fuses on the 2000 Dodge Durango should be labeled for each part such as the tail lights. The tail light fuse is a 30 A.

What fuses go in each spot on a 98 dodge neon?

look on the panel. it shows which fuses should go in each spot.

How do you find the correct fuse for headlights on a 2005 Mazda 6?

Headlight fuses for this generation Mazda 6 should be located in the engine compartment fuse box. Pull the lid off the fuse box and flip it over. There should be a diagram there etched in the plastic to tell you what each fuse is for.

Junction block fuse diagram for 2000 jeep Cherokee?

The junction block fuse diagram for the 2000 Jeep Cherokee is the diagram that lists each fuse in the box within the cabin of the vehicle. There are 30 fuses listed in the diagram.Ê

What do each of the icons on a 1991 Pontiac Le Mans fuse box mean and how do you know what AMP fuses to use?

i do know what each of the symbols mean but you can tell what amp of fuses to use by looking at the top. you will find a number on there that you can use. just buy fuses with the same number. on that car they are either 10,20, or 30 amp fuses. i do not know what each of the symbols mean but you can tell what amp of fuses to use by looking at the top. you will find a number on there that you can use. just buy fuses with the same number. on that car they are either 10,20, or 30 amp fuses.

Where is the fuse box for 2000 E320 Mercedes Benz?

Under the hood on the driver's side. Remove the black cover for fuse access. Also there are fuses under the rear seat. their is a lever on each side, simply lift them. You will see a dozen or more fuses, as well as battery.

How do you replace the brake light bulb on a 2000 Mazda Protege?

To change a brake light you need to open the trunk and remove the cover behind the light. Pop out any clips using a screwdriver or needlenose. Using a 10mm deep socket, pull off the three nuts holding the light on. Once you pull the light off you can twist out each light by turning counterclockwise about 1/4 turn.

Where is the fuse for the speedometer gas gauge and shift indicator on a 2000 dodge caravan?

There are fuses in the cabin and also under the hood. You may need to actually pull each fuse to inspect it.

What are some of the places that one can more information about finance for a Mazda?

mazda, park mazda, city mazda, good fellow auto, and mazda credit are all great online resources available to find information to finance a Mazda for each individual budget.

Where are fuses for bright lights in 1994 Jaguar XJ6?

Fuses are located in the middle armrest and near the floorboard of each front door.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 2000 V6 XTerra?

Look under the hood. Along the left (passenger) side are two plastic boxes with fuses and relays that are labeled right on the exterior of each box. EDIT: The answer above is incorrect. Yes, there are fuses and relays under the hood, but the fuel pump relay in a 2000 V6 Nissan Xterra is under the dash, near the steering wheel.

How do you get the CD player out of a 2000 Mazda Protege?

The factory stereo can be removed very easily with a specialized tool called a DIM. I received this tool when I purchased an upgrade radio from Crutchfield. The tool is a pair of metal U shaped "horseshoes". Simply remove two panels from each side of the radio and insert the DIMS fully to unlock the radio chasis from the mount. Then simply pull the stereo out. Takes less than 5 minutes tops.

How do you perform a rear-end alignment on a 2000 Mazda Protege?

On a Mazda protege i am pretty sure there is no camber, caster adjustments on the rear. The only thing I think can be adjusted is the toe. This is a cam bolt used for each wheel found on the rear axle. By turning this esentric cam which pushes on one side of the wheel in and out to deliver your toe setting which makes sure the wheel itself is driving straight in line with the whole vehicle itself. if not aligned properly this can cause excesive wear on the inside or out side edge of the tire (positive or negative toe). The most accuratly way to align it is by a computer system (which is the way i perform my alignments) but can also be performed by string, or a tape measure. its not as accurate and highly recommend doing with a computerized system but everybody doesnt have money.

Where is the radio fuses for a 2000 solara?

Your owners manual contains that information. The radio fuse is in the cabin fusebox under the left side of the dash. Inside the fusebox lid is a diagram that labels each fuse. Cheers

Headlight socket 2000 Mazda Miata Mx-5?

It is possible for 1999-2000 headlight sockets to melt, especially when owners attempt to use higher wattage bulbs. They can be replaced by searching for "H4 wiring harnesses", which cost about $4 USD each.

Where is the ac fuse for this car?

there are two fuses one in each fuse box

How many fuses are in a 100 amp service?

There is no telling from your question. Each situation would be different. Modern systems would use breakers rather than fuses.

How do you put a Mazda Protege into overdrive?

It is available to you automatically each time you start your vehicle. Unless turned off it is the final gear your car shifts to at approximately 40mph+ while cruising, (if the petal is to the floor it will not shift to O.D. but rather if your going above 40mph and decide to pass the first thing your auto transmission will do is shift from your O.D.).

How do you change an oxygen sensor on a Mazda mpv?

how you know with each one is with each one wen you reconnect everything .

How do you tell if your 1997 1.6L Mazda Protege has ABS brakes?

ABS equipped vehicles have an indicator light to warn of trouble. The light should come on for a couple of seconds when you turn on the key. If the light were burnt out, you could look under the hood for an abs controller near the master cylinder, or wiring to the brakes for a speed sensor at each wheel.

What do the fuses in the right side under hood fuse box operate?

Since the vehicle is not mentioned, what each fuse operates cannot be determined. Several makes of vehicles have a fuse box in the same proximate location and each make will have a different configuration for the fuses.

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