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your engine is craving a higher octane fuel, run a tank of premium or use a bottle of octane boost every now and then and that should satisfy it for a while.

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Do you have to put premium gas in your 95 mitsu 3000gt?

Yes, this engine requires Premium fuel. Using Regular fuel will cause pinging and engine damage.

Do you need to use high octane gas in vortec engines built in the 1990s?

On what Vortec engine you are talking about. The vast majority do not require the use of Premium fuel. Use exactly what your owner's manual lists. Using Premium in an engine designed to run on Regular is a waste of money and provides no benefit whatsoever. No more power, no better mileage, nothing! Anyone who tells you different is buying into the myth, and that is all it is, a Myth. But if the engine requires Premium then use Premium. Using Regular in an engine designed for premium will cause engine damage due to what is commonly called pinging.On what Vortec engine you are talking about. The vast majority do not require the use of Premium fuel. Use exactly what your owner's manual lists. Using Premium in an engine designed to run on Regular is a waste of money and provides no benefit whatsoever. No more power, no better mileage, nothing! Anyone who tells you different is buying into the myth, and that is all it is, a Myth. But if the engine requires Premium then use Premium. Using Regular in an engine designed for premium will cause engine damage due to what is commonly called pinging.

Why is there pinging from the engine of 2000 Honda CR-V?

(1) Using fuel of insufficient octane. (2) The engine timing is off (3) the combustion chambers/pistons needs to be decarboned.

What would cause pinging in a 2002 Trail Blazer?

Pinging, knocking and detonation are all terms for a condition known as "pre-ignition,". That means some of the gas and air mixture is igniting in the cylinder before it's supposed to. And when that extra flame front crashes into the normal flame front (created by the spark plug), you hear a noise, and that noise is pinging. Pinging is something you want to avoid if possible. Engine damage can occur if pinging is severe. Pinging is caused by using too low an octane fuel. Use what is recommended in your owners manual. An engine out of time will also ping, so have the timing checked. Carbon buildup will also cause pinging. A product called Seafoam injected through the intake as outlined in the instructions on the can will help remove carbon and stop pinging. A defective EGR valve is another cause, and also overheating. So replace the thermostat and flush the cooling system.

What causes pinging in a 2011 polaris 550 ATV?

Try using a higher octane gasoline in this ATV. Many times the pinging is due to not using a 91 or higher octane fuel. A lower fuel like 85 or 87 may not be burning off as efficiently as the 91 octane which in turn will cause the pinging.

Can regular gas go in a Nissan Murano?

The owners manual says that higher octane is preferred for best engine performance, but it also says that 87 octane can be used without damage to the engine. I've been using a mixure of 87 and 89 octane and do not hear any engine-knock or pinging. The gas mileage probably would be better if 91 octane was used, but I haven't run a test on that aspect yet.

Do you have to use 91 octane gas in a 1996 Cadillac Deville?

Use exactly what your owner's manual states. If it says 89 or 91 octane then do not use 87 octane. Using a lower octane that required may cause pre-detonation or what is commonly called (Pinging). Pinging may be harmful and may cause engine damage. Bottom line is to use no lower or higher octane fuel that the engine was designed to run on. Using a lower octane can cause engine damage, and using a higher octane is a waste of money that will provide not benefits whatsoever, and is nothing more than a myth.

Sentence using prolong?

Regular maintenance will help to prolong your car's engine life.

What fuel is recommended for 1989 240 sx?

I used regular in my '90. Rule of thumb: If your car doesn't ping using regular grade, it's fine for your car. You would be wasting your money on anything more expensive. All higher octane gas does is keeps your car from pinging.

What would cause engine pinging in a 2006 silverado with only 27k miles?

It is probably spark knock from using a low octane gas. Try using a higher octane gas for awhile and see if it goes away. If it does then that is the problem. It will not hurt anything but it can be annoying. Lower octane gas burns faster and sometimes causes a pinging sound while accelerating. Some people say there valves are rattling but that is not the case.

Types of engine according to fuel used?

all engine using gasoline (whether regular or premium) as fuel is called gasoline engine. motorcycle engine. generetors, buses. are example of gasoline engine

Are there any issues with using regular gas vs premium gas in the Buick 3800 Supercharged engine?

Right. If it calls for Higher Octane, use it. :) Unfortunately yes. ...that is...if you FLOOR it... High boost, and load need a higher octane, so as not to "ping" which can cause damage over time.. good luck dave I have a 1996 Buick/Riviera _Supercharged Owners manual recommends using premium fuel, if supercharged. I put "regular gas" in by mistake & It wouldn't go over 55 MPH. Gil Raker I haven't noticed any difference, at least as of yet. With the high price of gas now I am using regular in my 98 Riviera, and every once in a while I will fill it with Premium. I have been told by a friend who works at a Refinery, that in the winter, you can use the "winter gas" regular. They have to make it a higher octane, but they don't tell you that. It will not cause any ping. It has something to do with Government standards. However, he does recommend using the Premium in the summer as it is made with the lower octane, especially if you do notice it is pinging. This is a common misconception that ... However ... is simply not true. The compression of you engine determines what octane fuel you should run in the engine. Follow the recommendations in your owners manual. If it says to use 87 octane, then using a higher octane will not improve performance, MPG, or in any other way, help. If however your engine requires, 89 or 91 octane, then using a lower octane than recommended may cause pinging, and pinging can cause engine damage. The exception to this are some of the modern computer controlled engines of today. An engine requiring 91 octane may indeed be able to burn 87 octane but at a penalty in MPG & power. The reason for this is that the computer will readjust the fuel air mixture and the timing to compensate for the lower octane fuel. This will prevent pinging, but at a penalty. It is simple, burn what is recommended by the people who built the engine, no more and no less. Do not listen to people who tell you that high octane fuel will help performance or mileage in a engine designed for 87 octane. It is a myth that still persists today. Even some car guys who should know better believe this. A ll you are doing is wasting your hard earned money. If the car recommends premium gas, you can get by using 87 octane, you will just lose a little performance and fuel economy. It's been proven though that your savings in gas costs when using the lower octane are greater than your savings when using the proper premium and paying more. Older cars didn't have the engine management to change the timing on the car to get rid of pinging (knock boxes), so it was bad on the engine. If the engine requires premium, use it. If it recommends it, use it if you want to.

Does higher octane produce higher co?

Higher octane is helpful for high compression engines. High compression causes the combustion to take place faster and can cause pinging and a loss of power. By using high octane with high compression you get the advantage of the extra efficiency of the high compression engine and the delivery of the combustion across the power stroke of the piston, with out pinging.

How to stop pinging in your olds with 305 engine?

Either find a way to lower the compression, or use higher octane gas. Pinging is caused by premature ignition of the fuel, usually due to compression. Higher octane fuel is less combustible than lower octane fuel, so it's usually a good solution. With gasoline prices what they are today, using premium in an engine that was designed to run on regular is an expensive solution. You may end having to do that very thing but try some other things first. First have the timing checked to see if it is correct. If it is then purchase a can of a product called Seafoam Motor Tune. Put one can in the fuel tank according to the instructions on the can. I have seen this product work wonders at removing carbon deposits which can cause pinging. If one or two cans does not fully clean the carbon out, you will have to inject it directly into the intake. Do this according to the instructions on the can and follow them carefully. This should remove enough carbon deposits to stop the pinging. Pinging or pre-detonation is harmful and is something you should not ignore. Also check for any vacuum leaks, blown intake gasket, loose carb or throttle body, which can also cause pinging.

What is the recommended gasoline grade for a 1991 Honda Civic LX?

87 Octane. Using a higher grade is a waste of money. The engine will perform no better and get no better mileage. The only time a higher grade is necessary is if the engine is experiencing pre-detonation, commonly called pinging, and you cannot otherwise cure the problem. As per the original manual you should use 91 Octane. Using lower octane will result in pinging and some time loss of power specially when climbing uphill. If you have high milage on the car I would recomend to use the 91 octane and go for a highway drive from time to time decarbonized the engine. 1991 Honda Civic LX needs manual valve adjustments that will make the engine run smoother and quiter. Loose valves are sometimes mistaken as pinging.

What could cause a pinging noise in your 2001 Nissan Pathfinder during slow acceleration?

This vehicle requires the use of Premium Fuel, and the use of Regular will cause pinging and eventually do damage to the engine. If you are using Premium, then either it is out of time or has carbon buildup. Have the timing checked and pour a can of Seafoam Motor Tune in one tank of gas to help remove carbon buildup. Can be purchased at most Auto Parts stores. It may take more than one application. Follow directions on the can. I take it you have a petrol engine. Pinging or pre-ignition as it is known is caused by a few things. Over advanced ignition timing , running on the incorrect octane fuel and a lean mixture. Have the timing checked and an exhaust gas analyser will be able to let you know what the mixture is like.

Is it alright to use unleaded plus instead of regular gasoline?

Read your cars owners manual. Most vehicles only require regular gas. Those cars normally do not need a higher grade unless you hear a lot of pinging in the engine. Using a higher grade fuel will not hurt the vehicle in most cases, it will just cost you more out of pocket. Some auto makers do include a warning about ethanol and the maximum % you can use so read your manual.

What is detonation?

Detonation, knocking, or pinging in a gasoline engine is caused by an improper burn in the engine cylinders. As the spark plug fires and the fuel begins to burn detonation has the fuel also starting to burn in another location within the cylinder. When the two flame fronts come together it causes the characteristic "pinging" noise like marbles in a coffee can. It happens very quickly. This process can cause engine damage to the engine by the pressure created where the flame fronts meet. Most modern cars use a "knock sensor" that automatically retards ignition timing in response to the knocking sound. retarding the timing stops the knock but reduces fuel mileage slightly. This is the one benefit to using premium gasoline, which is formulated specifically to help stop this problem. Otherwise regular gasoline is the same.

Your 1989 model Ford Laser engine is pinging how do you fix this problem?

All Ford Lasers of this year require Regular fuel except the GT-X which requires you use Premium fuel. If you are using the correct fuel then your engine may be out of time, which will cause it to ping. Have the timing checked by a professional. If it is not out of time and you are using the correct fuel then it more than likely has carbon buildup. Purchase a can of Seafoam Engine Treatment and follow the directions on the can to inject Seafoam into the intake to remove carbon deposits. You may have to treat it more than once. Also add a can to a full tank of fuel. You can purchase Seafoam at most auto and marine parts stores. I have used it many times to remove carbon deposits and it does work. If this does not solve your problem then make sure you do not have a vacuum leak. If not, then you may be forced to move up to a higher octane fuel. Pinging will eventually damage your engine so you must do whatever necessary to prevent it.

ZZ4 350 pinging problem?

Either you've got cheap fuel, too much timing, or a buildup of carbon in the combustion chambers. Check the "knock sensor" answer a zz4 engine requires a min. of 92 octain gas, are you using the right gas?

How do you increase the life of engine?

Regular oil and filter changes at proper intervals using proper weight oil. Maintain the cooling system, never let the engine over heat.

What is engine flush?

You add a product to your oil and let it circulate throughout the engine to clean or flush out all the built up grime and gook that occurs as a byproduct of oil. These byproducts can cause lubricating issues in the engine, and lubrication is key in any engine. The idea is to get regular and routine oil changes with quality oil and a filter to avoid these issues. Engine flushes have their place, but be sure you have a need for it first and research your product before using. Many swear by them while others swear at them.

Why is a dark reaction called a dark reaction?

because it is just like regular photosynthesis. except it occurs in the dark. (such as a house plant in a dark room) it does this by using stored ATP instead of using energy from light

Does faciliated diffusion require energy?

Yes, faciliated diffusion is when a cell uses energy to maintain homeostasis, but regular diffusion is when homeostasis occurs without using energy.

Will using reg gas mess up the engine equiped with supercharger that calls for premium gas?

It will not mess up the engine to run the regular gas in it. What it will do, however, is cause a reduction in the performance of the vehicle.

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