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Just tweet her and try to catch her attention, You can also ask people who are already followed by her to DM her to follow you! :]

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Ariana Grandes official Twitter account is @ArianaGrande.

Ariana Grande has only one Twitter account known to public knowledge. Her Twitter account is @ArianaGrande.

Yes, on twitter. She talks to them practically everyday! You should follow/tweet her @ArianaGrande :]

Yes. Ariana Grande does!It's: @TheAriGrancleShe has proof from her Instagram account and'll give anymore.There are posers.Like;@ArianaGrande_on@ArianaGrandeRAG@ArianaPvtGrandeAnd more.Thanks!yes, follow her @ArianaGrande! :]

Singer Ariana Grande is currently following about 68,500 people on Twitter, so it definitely is possible to get her as a follower. Maybe you could send her a thoughtful DM about how she has impacted your life, or send her some fan-made art. Just remember to be respectful and kind!

Ariana hasn't said anything about North Newark yet but make sure to follow her on twitter (@ArianaGrande) and check out her website and click on tour.

I don't know, try looking on her twitter

The girl who plays Cat on Victorious is Ariana Grande. She has a twitter and a youtube.

Yes. My friend followed Ariana Grande on twitter and they tweeted a lot. She even got a special present in the mail from her.

How did ariana grande get on 13 broadway

Jariana is the ship name for Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande wanted to be a singer & a actress.

Ariana Grande was 21 or 22 in 2015.

Ariana Grande is not a member of the Illuminati. The Illuminati is not real.

ariana grande never broke her ankle

well I am Ariana Grande so I should know

In 2020 she is dating Dalton Gomez

This is a comment not the answer ok

well you cant really sing or talk like her but if u want to kinda talk like her than talk nice and NO cussing.also be nice to people and if u want to talk to her your self go to twitter and add her also add me and ill tell u were she lives so u can give her fan mail. twitter-@Ariana grande twitter-@ariana anator 3!:) ty!

Well, in celebrates, its not Charlie Sheen or anyone like that, it was the Victorious star, Ariana Grande.

April 23, 2009 { PST April 22, 2009 8:10 PM }

because tori didnt want to make a new show of victorious

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