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How can I get a date when im a teenage geek?


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August 11, 2009 4:58AM

be confident...girls like confidence, no matter what you look like or ur popularity status Stop feeling sorry for yourself. This sounds mean but by the way you worded your question is pretty self pitying. That being said, not all girls want to date a poplular guy. From what I see "popular guys" are usually egotistical hotheads who frequently have meaningless sex. Not saying that's true about all popular guys (I hate being stereotypical) but just from what I see at my school. Actually I am attracted to 'geeks'. I like intelligence much more than a person's status. So please don't try to change yourself just to find a girlfriend. Just be YOU and you'll find the right girl that loves you for being just the way you are a lot easier! Liv I think "geeks" can be cute if they are CONFIDENT!!! But when theyre not it just makes you feel sorry for them. So boost up your confidence and relax! Youre more likely to get intelligent girls, too.