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How can I improve my spoken English?

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1. You mustn't be afraid of making mistakes but once you make them you have to rectify them with the help of a grammar book or a dictionary

2. The best way to improve your fluency is to not just speak in English, but think in English, because if you are thinking in your mother-tongue and you try to translate your message to English before actually saying it, you will not only speak in a slow way, but you will spoil that day's English advantage and learning. Just try to speak inside of your mind (think) in English, and it will come out in a more natural way

3. Also, when you're out and about, or even at home, think, and also SPEAK OUT LOUD, the things you are doing, the things you see. And speak to other people! Always remember it's good to make mistakes, because you can learn from them and improve by remembering what you did wrong and improve that.

4.Its a good idea to speak loudly.

5.Read English articles, books and reviews as much as possible.

6.Whenever you come across a new word write it down somewhere and find out the meaning.

7.BE CONFIDENT. Give your self auto suggestions that you have a good English trust me it really works.

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How do you improve spoken English?

we can improve our spoken language by talking to a native person frequently ,practicing listening and reading more.

How do I improve my Spoken English immediately?

Everyday speak to as many people as you can. You can only improve spoken English by speaking and it is better to speak to people than speak to yourself.

Where is English spoken as the first language?

Australia and engline (please improve this answer if posible)

How can you improve your spoken and written English?

spell and grammar check on microsoft word

Can watching movies in English improve spoken English?

It will, and you should read newspapers and magazines, ( and read then out loud) listen to the radio, watch TV and think in English

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English can be spoken anywhere so my answer is yes English can be spoken in Zimbabwe

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spoken English

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English is spoken in America because it was discovered by the British and has been spoken since then.

Is English commonly spoken in Sochi Russia?

No Russian is spoken in Russia English is generally spoken in the Americas.

Is English spoken in Ethiopia?

yes, english is spoken all over the world!

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In 1800, English was spoken in England.

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Where is English spoken as second language in some countries?

Where is English spoken as second? English is an official language in the world.

What languages are spoken in Yiddish?

Yiddish is the only language spoken in Yiddish. Just like English is the only language spoken in English.

How do you refer to English spoken in England?

English English

What is American English?

American English is the English spoken in the United States, which differs in some ways from English spoken in Britain and other countries.

Where is English spoken in Canada?

English is spoken in Canada from coast to coast. In the province of Quebec there is not as much of it.

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