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well make sure ur ancestor tells u the proper spelling of the word i take it u tried to write down what u heard, but it's no good

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Is there a book called panem?

We cannot locate a book called "Panem". However we do know that Panem is the name of the lands mentioned in the internationally popular novel trilogy known as The Hunger Games. In translation, "panem" is the Polish word for "Lord".

What is a pair of numbers used to locate a point on a grid called?

The pair of numbers used to locate a point on a grid is called coordinate points.

Where do I call if I want to locate an inmate?

My boyfriend was recently arrested and he hasn't called me! Where can I locate an inmate?

Locate the Cape of Good Hope on your map or globeNow locate three other places that are called Cape?

cape of good hope

A pair of numbers that can be used to locate a point on a coordinate plane?

The pair of numbers you can use to locate a point on a coordinate plane would be called the ordered pair. Used on maps and on graphs to locate the point.

What do dolphins use to locate objects?

Something called echo-location

What is a pair of numbers used to locate a point on a grid?

These are called coordinates.

What is used to locate a point on the coordinate plane called?

Ordered Pair

To locate positions on earth scientists use units called?


What is an address that tells the browser where to locate the page?

its called a URL, im not sure what that means but that's what its called!

Can the S-P time method be used with one seimograph station to locate the epicenter of an earthquake?

No. You need three stations to locate the epicenter. This is called triangulation.

What is an hvac and where can I locate it on my heater?

A Hvac is heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. All of those different systems are called Hvac, so there is nothing to locate on a heater.

How can you use ordered pairs to locate points in a coordinate plane?

You can locate any point on the coordinate plane by an ordered pair of numbers (x,y), called the coordinates.

Where can you find photography definitions?

There is a book called "Photography" by Upton and Upton. I suggest you locate it.

How do you locate the subclarian bone of the body?

No bone in the human body is called the "subclarian" bone.

What is a pair of numbers that can be used to locate a point on a coordinate called?

They are the x and y coordinates.

What is the trim or moulding around your Nissan Pathfinder window called as you are not able to locate on any sites?


What is the Latin word for 'locate'?

locare, from locus, to locate

Is locate a noun?

No, locate is a verb (locate, locates, located, locating). Example:I can't locate my keys.

What is it called when scientists use 3 or more seismographs to locate the epicenter of an earthquake?

triangulating its loction

When a mineral is rare to locate it's called a?

Gemmmmmmm just one m HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Where is Statue of Liberty locate?

it is located in New York City which is now called Liberty Island

What is A software tool called that allows users to locate and view a Web page?

A Web browser.

Lines on a globe or a map help us locate places?

They are called latitude and longitude line.

What is the tool that whales use to locate danger is called?

they use there blow horns to locate each other and tell family and friends when there is serious danger up ahead and that they have to evacuate the area immeadiatley