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How can I lose fat on my hips?

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Squats, walking, and jogging can help you to lose fat on your hips.

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There is lots of ways to lose fat around your hips some of the many ways is leg exercises and less fatty foods more vitamins and lots of exercise such as running activity's and dancing. Instead of having crisps in between meals try to have a piece of fruit.

You have to lose all your fat by doing strenuous excersises and streches that are focused mainly on the sides of your body

Any form of cardio exercise, such as cardio walking to lose weight, or running, jogging, etc., is an excellent fat burning exercise.

The only way to lose fat off of one specific body part is through liposuction. Exercise cannot spot reduce fat. The only way to lose fat off of a specific area without surgery is to lower the overall body fat percentage of your entire body through diet and exercise.

It really depends, if your pelvis is wide, then you can't really get less widened hips. But if you just want to lose fat, then a couple weeks at the gym (with guidance for weight loss) should do the trick.

You can only get fat all over your body, but it goes more to your hips if you're a woman than if you were a man.

You cannot do "spot weight loss." That is, you cannot lose weight at your stomach by exercising your stomach. You cannot lose leg fat by exercising your legs. You can only "lose weight." However, not all women are the same. Different women carry weight different ways. Some women tend to have more fat on their hips, stomach, back, breasts, and so on. So, when you lose weight, you will tend to lose fat more in some places than other places, but this cannot be controlled. If you want larger hips and a smaller waist, you simply have to lose weight, and see if you keep some fat at your waist. If not, then your body type won't allow it.

It is possible for a person to get bigger hips through surgery. This often involves injecting fat into the hips themselves.

It is impossible to target the hips as the only place to lose weight, any weight loss tends to be from all over the body at any one time. Burning fat can be achieved by exercising daily and watching your daily calorie intake.

NO! Fat is the only thing that will give you wider hips, on the outside. Nothing can change the size of your hips!

No type of exrcise will make a person lose fat on any specific area of the body. "Spot training", as this is called, will only tone the specific muscle in that area, but will not decrease fat in that specific area. Fat loss occurs when fat stores are broken down, and enter the blood stream where it is distributed all over the body to be used as energy.

Your body loses weight as a whole, the best fat burner is heavy cardio exercise, biking and running are the first ones that usually come to mind. Spot training is a myth, you can not do a sit-ups and lose belly fat (only)....

Short of liposuction there's no way to target where to lose fat. So what you can do is to start a healthier life with better eating habits and more exercise and try to lose some weight all over.

For ur hips, use a hula hoop to exercise ur hips.Answer:Unlike building muscle, fat-loss occurs all over the body or not at all. You need to:Avoid junk foodsAvoid sweet drinksEat healthy foodsReduce the size of meal portionsAll aerobic exercise is good also. In moderation.

Gain fat by consuming more calories. This will add fat everywhere. You cannot "spot" add or subtract fat. This method is very unhealthy and is not recommended, unless you are underweight. Instead, learn to love your hips.

You might lose some inches on your hips using a treadmill but basically hips measurements are mostly about bones.

This is one of the most difficult places for a woman to lose fat. Short of liposuction all you can do is lose weight generally and tone up the muscles. Dress to minimise this area. On the plus side, women who carry their fat on their hips and thighs (pear shaped) tend to be healthier than those of us who carry it round our waists (apple shaped).

In the hips and stomach. I should know. I'm nothing but fat. ~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>

it means how much weigt around your hips wast and arms is going away whinch means your loseing opuound every two and a hafl hours you could lose 3 pouds of fat

She would only appear fat because of the size of her belly, not from the level of fat on her body, such as over the hips, ribs, and deposits on her rump and brisket. A cow with a huge belly but with ribs and hips showing is certainly not fat.

Not always some people just have bigger hips because of the way their body is. you might be a person with big bones, its not considered fat at all.

Estrogen doesn't "create hips" it will often change where the fat lays in a person: in females to hips and thighs, men to the belly. As a person on Hormone Replacement Therapy continues to use Estrogen and Spironolactone, the placement of fat on the body shifts and often hips and thighs gain fat, the stomach loses it. This can vary from person to person.

Your body loses fat in different parts of your body based off of your genetic make-up. This means that if your body is prone to put fat on the arms first and lose it from the arms last, this is the way it will always lose fat. This is why some people put fat on their stomach whereas some people put fat on their hips and thighs. You cannot make your body burn fat from a specific area. Exercise and general weight-loss measures will eventually cause fat to leave your arms, even if it takes a while and you lose fat from other places first. You can do arm exercises in the mean time, which will make your arms look more toned.

A person carrying excess fat on hips and thighs has a pear-shaped body. A person carrying excess fat on the waist and abdominal area has an apple-shaped body.