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A memory card reader such as the Kingston 19-in-1 USB 2.0 Flash Memory Card Reader will allow you to read any format of memory card on your PC.

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Q: How can I read a memory card on my pc?
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What memory card readers can be used without a PC?

What would be the purpose of a memory card reader without a PC? You need somewhere to "read" the information to.

Can you use a usb cable to send the pictures from your memory card to your pc?

You will need a device to read the memory card in order to transfer the data.

What are the steps to put memory nusic onto you memory card for your cell phone?

Connect memory card to your PC, copy and paste in the files from your PC to your card

How do you remove the password of memory card in PC?

how do you remove the password of card in pc

How can you transfer files from your PC to PlayStation Memory Card?

You need a Memory Card reader device to connect the Memory card to a computer

How do you connect mobile phone to PC I want to transfer the photos and video clippings from my cell phone to PC the usb cable is available?

All you do is purchase a memory card reader and hook it to your PC. Then you take the memory card out of your cell phone and put it in to the memory card reader and hook it to your PC usb slot. It will show all the files from your phone on the memory card. You go to the photo or video etc and drag it in to the memory card, uninstall the memory card reader from your PC then put the card in your phone. There all done =]

How do you transfer image from mobile phone to PC?

if you want transfer some image or data's from mobile phone to PC (personal computer) first we need memory card reader. First step is remove your memory card from your mobile phone then insert your memory card to the card reader with respective slot.Then insert the card reader to your PC's respective USP port.after this process card will read in your PC. then open your data's as usual process. then copy and paste the image where you want..

Memory card reader write files to a memory card?

It should allow you to copy from your PC to the card yes

What Device do i need to connect a memory card to a PC?

Your PC has a motherboard that you can connect your memory card to. If it is a desktop, open the side of the box and the motherboard is where everything is connected to.

What exactly is a PC 6400 memory card?

The PC 6400 memory card is for the RAM in ones computer. The PC 6400 memory card allows one to upgrade the speed one's computer operates at. Higher RAM makes a computer quicker to process information.

How does a memory card reader operate?

Memory Cards store data that many different computers can read. Sometimes, a program needs to be installed for the memory card to operate, or read the information on the card.

Will a memory card reader read SD cards?

Yes for the majority a memory card reader can read an SD card. An SD card is actually one of the most popular memory cards available right now.

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