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How can I sing like Beyonce?


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November 05, 2010 12:26PM

Well the answer for that is "It depends." Honestly I don't know what you sound like and where your at but I can tell you trying different types of music helps. Find your favorite song from Beyonce or who ever and test your voice. Sing like you can the best you can and then use this technique; Start by opening your soft pellate. What that means is you should open your jaw larger so air can circulate. Create good posture. If done correctly the first few times you should feel like you did a work out and your Minor tired.
Go through your scale with some one playing the piano. Are you better with high notes or low notes? Here are some exercises I recommend you use no matter how you want to sing. "I like bumble bee bumble tuna, yum yum bumble bumble tuna, i like bumble bee bumble bee tuna, i like tuna made from bumble bees." and "do do, do re do, do re me re do, do re me fa me re do, do re me fa so fa me re do, do re me fa so la so fa me re do, do re me fa so la ti la so fa me re do, do re me fa so la ti do ti la so fa me re do." And warm up with some of your favorite songs in variou stypes like, pop, older, soft, or whatever- just have fun and do often!