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What is the effect of exercise on your flexibility

What is the fibrous connective tissue that holds bones in a joint together

What type of muscle straightens a joint

What type of disease is cystic fibrosis

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What were the cities and years of the Olympic Games which had terrorist disturbances

What is the correct definition for recovery heart rate

When is the ideal time to take a resting heart rate

What is another name for non-traditional sports

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What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic fitness

What is another name for non-traditional sports

Which of the following is a way that you can exercise for this course

How can you increase the number of calories you burn

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Q: How can I try to be healthier and more fit?
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What did Michel Obama do to be a star?

She started a "get fit" campaign. she works a lot to try and get people active and to have healthier lives.

Why do people want to get fit?

Being fit you look good feel good bout yourself your healthier you get laid more more friends also more enemys kinda wash there but you get the point

How can getting exercise improve your life and this is how is it better then diet drugs?

It is more natural, and makes you stronger, healthier, and more fit, not just thin.

What are the pros and cons of physical fitness?

There is pretty much no cons of being physically fit. You look more healthier, you feel more healthier and your ability to do more is heightened. The only con I can think of is....maybe some ladies like a smaller guy? lol

How can I control my hypertension?

Eat foods that are not high in cholesterol. Try to put more healthier food in your diet. Try not to consume so much sodium.

I am 13 years old and weigh 131 and 4'11 am i fat?

yes. try working out more and eating healthier.

Is wine more healthier for your body?


What can a husband do to be more romantic?

try not to be gross and werid. also try to fit in with the wife's precenality.

Reasons for being fit?

You will live a longer healthier life

Is whole milk bad for you?

it has alot more calcium, but is alot more fattening, try skim milk for a healthier choice or even flavored soy milk

Are vegetables Healthier than fruits?

Vegetables are healthier! It has more iron, less sugars, and more fiber.

Is grapes more healthier than olives?

I believe olives are healthier

What should we do if you are fat?

Try to eat healthier and exercise when you can.

What is the different between healthy and healthier?

Healthier is more healthy than healthy.

Are vegetarians more healthier than carnivores?

Please site the sources on which your answer is based. I refer to the slideshow advocating a vegitarian diet. Nothing can be more healthier than anything else, healthier or more healthy, yes, but not more healthier. Bad grammar. I don't see what any of this has to do with lynxes!

Which is healthier dominos pizza or pizza pizza?

in my opinion pizza pizza is much healthier as there is a variety of healthier options and is more fresh.

What kind of foods makes up this family fit diet ?

The family fit diet is centered more on healthy eating for the family as opposed to dieting. It encourages incorporating healthier options into a meal. Some of the foods included are vegetables and lean meats.

Why should you keep fit?

You should keep fit for a healthier life. Regular exercise can help you live longer as it promotes good health.

How can a 13-year-old boy safely lose belly fat?

Eat healthier foods and do some more exercise. Try riding a bike or swimming

Why type of diet should type 2 diabetics stay on?

A diet with little sugar and carbohydrates. Try more healthier snacks like apples and milk.

Size 34 mens jeans is what size in womens jeans?

14 for a good fit but for a more snug fit try 12 best try to to on a pair first women jeans come in may different styles.

What is healthier wheat bread or flat bread?

Whole wheat bread has more fiber, but flat bread has less carbs. Try whole wheat flat bread!

What's healthier ground pork or ground beef?

Beef is healthier it has less fat and more protein.

What drink is healthier pepsi or dr pepper?

its scientifically proven which ever one you like more is healthier

Why do teens try to fit into groups?

teens often try to fit in because they feel left out if they are not in a group or not in style