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He is magic.

Because Santa is not real,he is a lie told to children by their parents..

Santa doesnt bring toys to children,the parents buy the toys and write from santa on the package...Santa doesnt live at the north pole because he isn't real,the santas you see in the malls are just people dressing up in costumes to fool little kids or encourage people to drop money into the big red pot...

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When santa comes to the mall what is the background called?

the north pole

What pole is santa from?

Santa is from the North Pole.

Does santa live in the north pole or the south pole?

Santa Claus lives at the north pole.

Does Santa live on the North or South Pole?

Santa lives at the North Pole.

Is there a north pole where santa Claus lives?

Yes, the North Pole is real. There is also a South Pole, but Santa likes the North Pole better.

What is santa Claus north pole address?

Santa clause North pole or Santa Clause 1 reindeer lane north pole 99705 or santa clause p.o. box 56009 north pole Alaska 99705 1099

Does Santa come from the North Pole or the South Pole?

The north pole

How long does santa stay in the north pole?

santa stays in the north pole for 11 monthes

How is the North Pole formed?

The North pole is not made by santa

Does Santa like to live in the north pole?

The story is that Santa and his elves live at the North Pole, but of course, Santa is not real.

Were is santa from?

From what I heard of, Santa is from the north or south pole. ( I'm pretty sure it's the North Pole)

Is Santa Claus live in North Pole?

Santa Claus does not live at the North Pole. This is because Santa Claus is in the imagination of people.

Santa Claus north pole?

santa lives Canada nort pole.

Where Santa lives that rhymes with hole?

Santa live at the North Pole

Is it Santa live in North Pole?

santas north pole is real

Name places where you might see Santa?

Mall, north pole, home, sky or put a camera under your tree and wait.

Is the north pole a real place and does Santa Claus live there?

The North Pole does exist, but Santa is not real and does not live there.

Does Santa Claus live in the North Pole or South Pole?

Santa's village is at the North Pole.

Does Santa like it in the North Pole?

santa is fake

What country was santa born?

North pole, he lives in north Pole and was born there

What is Santa Claus address at the North Pole?

Its just "the north pole", but his postal code is HOH OHO... its relly...................... SANTA CLAUS NORTH POLE HOH OHO Canada

When did Santa leave the North Pole?

Santa left the north pole at 3am (central america time) on December 24th.

Is Santa really in the south pole?

No, you mean the North Pole.

Does Santa live in Antarctica?

no Santa does not live in the south pole and i can tell you he lives in the north pole

What santa Claus lives that rhymes with hole?

Santa Claus lives at the North Pole.