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Q: How can Shannon Tweed be contacted?
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Related questions

What is the birth name of Shannon Tweed?

Shannon Tweed's birth name is Tweed, Shannon Lee.

What nicknames does Shannon Tweed go by?

Shannon Tweed goes by Turtle (by her sister Tracy Tweed).

How tall is Shannon Tweed?

Shannon Tweed's height is 5 ft. 10 in.

What is Shannon Tweed's birthday?

Shannon Tweed was born on March 10, 1957.

When was Shannon Tweed born?

Shannon Tweed was born on March 10, 1957.

What is Shannon Tweed's bra size?

36 D is Shannon Tweed's bra size.

Who was Shannon Tweed on Days of our lives?

Shannon Tweed played Savannah Wilder on Days Of Our Lives from 1985-1986.

Shannon Tweed own a nail salon?

yes Shannon tweed does own a nail salon her boy friend gene Simmons bought it for her and her sister Tracy tweed

How old is Shannon Tweed?

Canadian actress Shannon Tweed is 61 years old (birthdate: March 10, 1957).

How much is Shannon Tweed worth?

Shannon tweed is worth and estimated 48 million dollars, without Gene simmons finances.

Was Shannon Tweed really married to Hulk Hogan?

No, Shannon Tweed currently lives with her lifetime partner, Gene Simmons of Kiss.

Has Andrew Stevens and Shannon Tweed been married?


Gene simmons wife?

Shannon Tweed Lies he is happily un-married with his long term girlfriend Shannon Tweed. He is happily un-married you are not!

How many kids does gene simmons have?

He has 2 kids. Their names are Nick and Sophie. Shannon Tweed is his girlfriend, mairage isn't his thing, and Shannon Tweed is their mom. (She was a Playboy)

Who was Playmate of year 1982?

Shannon Tweed

Is shannon tweed and brande roderick sisters?


What clothes size is shannon tweed?


In which movies Shannon tweed was tied to bed?


Is shannon tweed married to gene simmons?

No, but he proposed to her.

Is Shannon Tweed Jewish?

No, she's English American.

What surgeries did shannon tweed and tracey tweed reveive on gene simmons family jewels?

botox on their foreheads and lips

Does Shannon Tweed have a sister on celebrity apprentice?

No I have not seen her sister on show. However, there is the playmate on the show, Brande Roderick, that looks a lot like Shannon Tweed and a little bit like her sister.

What are some films that Shannon Tweed took part in?

Shannon Tweed has stared in several movies including Dead Sexy and the Rowdy Girls. All of the movies she has been in are classified as adult erotica.

What is Shannon Tweed's nickname from sister Tracy Tweed?

they call each other "turtle" although I have no idea why. Does anyone know the reason for the nickname

Is Shannon Tweed pregnant June 2012?

No her sister Tracy is