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How can a 12-year-old lose weight who is 5'2'' and 105 pounds?

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Do upper leg exercises like running and eat a reasonable healthy food diet.

2006-07-16 20:34:18
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Q: How can a 12-year-old lose weight who is 5'2'' and 105 pounds?
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What weight in stones is 105 pounds?

105 pounds is equal to 7.5 stones.

How long does it take to lose 20 pounds if you are 5 ' 5 ' and weight 125 pounds?

If you're a woman with average bone structure, you're already at your ideal body weight. Losing 20 pounds would put you at 105, which is more than 10% below your ideal body weight. At a weight of 105, you would be malnourished, and your health would be in danger. So I don't recommend you lose 20 pounds. If you're a man with average bone structure, then at 125 pounds you're already 10 pounds below your ideal body weight, and should definitely not lose more weight.

What weight have you got to be to be a ballerina?

The desired weight is 95 to 105 pounds.

Is 105 good weight for a 5'1 12 year old girl?

Yes its pretty good but a good weight would be between 105-110 pounds so mostly yes 5`1 and 105 pounds is good weight.

Im 13 and Im trying to lose weight even though my friends call me a stick. Im 105 pounds and I recently stopped eating breakfast Help?

you are too young to want to loose weight and 105 is not that bad.

What is the perfect weight for a13year old girl?

105 pounds - 120 pounds

What is Chloe moretz weight?

I think she's about 105 pounds

What is a healthy weight for a 5'2 50 year old woman?

Anywhere from 105 pounds to 135 pounds is a healthy weight

What is the weight for a 10 year old boy?

at least 105 pounds

What is the average weight of a female that is 5'3?

Roughly 105 to 140 pounds.

What is Eva Langoria's weight?

Height 5'2" - Weight 105 pounds Height 1.57m - Weight 47.73 kg

How can a 13 year old who is 5'9 and weighs 248 pounds lose 10 pounds each month?

A healthy BMI recommendation for a 5'9" 13 year old is between 105 pounds and 147.6 pounds. It is unhealthy to lose more than 2 pounds a week, but with regular exercise and a well-balanced diet, one can reach their target weight.

How much is 105 lbs in km?

Units of weight do not convert into units of distance, these are two different kinds of things. Conceivably you are asking how many kilometers you need to run in order to lose 105 pounds, to which there is no definite answer, but it would be a lot of kilometers.

How much does tom welling weight?

He weight's 235 pounds or 105 kilos!

What is Shakira s height and weight?

Shakira is 5'2 and estimated to be about 105 pounds.

What is the average weight for a 5'2 17 yr old?

Probably about 105 pounds

How old can a 12 year old weight?

about as much as 90-105 pounds

What is average weight for 5'3 boy?

usually in the range of 105-125 pounds

Is 105 pounds a healthy weight for a 5 foot 3 and a half to a 5 foot 4 inch 14 year old girl?

i am 13 and a girl and I am 105 pounds 5 foot 4. it is a healthy weight

How many kilograms are in 105 pounds?

105 pounds = 47.63 kilograms.105 pounds = 47.6271988 kilograms105 lb = 47.6271 kg

What is the weight requirement for a 5'3'' girl who is 17?

Between 105 and 115 pounds

Is 105 pounds overweight?

It depends on your height, but most likely, no, it's not over weight.

Could you know hazal kaya weight?

she weights 48 kg which is 105 pounds ;)

How many kilogram is 105 pounds?

1 kg = 2.2 pounds 105 pounds = 105/2.2 kgs

If you are 5'3 and 140 pounds and want to be 105 pounds how should i do please i need to no?

The weight you wish to lose is significant but not overly so. It is not likely that your skin will sag or wrinkle noticeably, but it might, depending upon how fast you lose the weight. Losing the weight too fast might not give your skin a chance to adapt. If sagging and wrinkling occur and bother you, a cosmetic surgeon should be able to address your concerns.