How can a 12 year old get diapers without there parents finding out and how to find out your diaper size and please feel free to answer if someone else already has?


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well if you know the size of your underwhere, than that will be about the same size so you dont need to ask. also, if your parents let you go to a store like shoppers drug mart or rexal, alone, than you can get one there. they come in packs. if not dont be afraid to ask. your parents are there to help. and i hope i helped. good luck.


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There's no simple answer to this question, no single answer that could apply to all circumstances. that said, as a general rule I would say no, do not tell your parents. Assuming that your interest in diapers has a sexual component to it (which does not, of course, mean that you are sexually active or share your diaper interest with a sexual partner), it is a purely personal matter that your parents do not need to be informed of. A person's sexual development, in whatever fashion, is an important aspect of personal identity, one which is separate from the child-parent relationship. Also, as a practical matter, many parents will not understand, will over-react, or will be worried about your interest in wearing diapers -- which is perfectly harmless. The only time when I would advise someone to share their diaper interest with their parents is where you cannot have a real relationship with your parents while you are hiding this aspect of your life. In that case, however, diapers must be such a large part of your life & personal identity that you may wish to step back and think about whether you are taking things too far. As with all things, moderation is key here, and diapers should not take over your life to such an extent that you feel your parents can't know "the real you" if they don't know that about you. good luck.

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They may suffer from incontinence, which is when someone cannot control their bowels or bladders.

There is no set of rules that allow you to wear diapers. a person can wear a diaper whenever they want, but if you are still young and in school, most elementary schools will put kids in diapers that either wet or mess in their pants on a regular basis, ex once every few days, or if their want to go the extreme route, going either way in their pants every time that they have to go. But your best bet, would probably just be the easiest, tell your parents that you want to wear diapers again, and talk to them about it. They may understand, and then even if they say no, a person can always just start going in their pants. Then the parents really wouldn't have a choice because it would either be let someone wear diapers, or risk having their kid that they know it prone to going in their pants, soil them in public.

just mutter stuff like stupid hospital. or my stupid brother wanting to wear adult diapers all of the time when someone looks at you funny.

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