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There are many factors that influence growth of breasts. These include nutrition and genetics, both because of hormone stimulation. Breast growth is one of the important things that happens during puberty. The pubertal hormones produced by the pituitary gland (located in the brain and responsible for producing a variety of hormones), play a critical role. One of the earliest signs that puberty has begun is enlargement of the breasts as a result of increased production of ovarian estrogen stimulated by these pituitary hormones. Boys also often experience breast enlargement during the early stages of their pubertal growth spurt, but their breasts usually shrink in size after one or two years. As long as estrogen continues to be secreted in females, breasts will grow and/or maintain their size. Breasts may also enlarge slightly in women taking Birth Control pills or, after menopause, estrogen-replacement pills. Naturally, breasts enlarge during pregnancy as a result of marked increase in estrogen secretion. Girls with poor diets and weight loss may notice that their breasts get smaller. If these girls improved their nutrition, their breasts would enlarge to their previous size. Push up or padded Bras only make them "look" bigger

You can enlarge the muscles under the breast tissue that may give the appearance of a slightly larger bust line and help to keep them from sagging. Any exercise for the pectoral muscles will do. Pectoral muscles are muscles that support the breasts so if you do them your breasts will get a somewhat lifted appearance. Other chest exercises will help to create a little more rounded look. The breast themselves, however, will NOT increase in size no matter what exercise you do.

Put on weight although it's not good for your health. If you gain weight your boobs will get bigger but I don't recommend it as they will become saggy and fat and the fat will also go into other places and make your whole body bigger I heard if you massage them then they will be bigger because it relaxes the muscle or if you put your hands in a prayer position with your elbows out and push your hands together. Hang in there. You may not get large breasts simply because it isn't in your genes. Look at other family members like mom, grandma, aunts.

Don't be fooled into taking any pill or using any creams, they don't work. If you are 21 and still unsatisfied, you could consider a breast augmentation.

Just wait a while, and they will grow on their own. You must be patient, and remember that they do not define who you are. Be proud of your physical appearance and your personality. Doing anything with your hormones at this stage to increase the size of your breasts would be damaging to your overall development. Just hang in there, and be patient for now.

I believe that a way to form bigger breast is to eat healthy food. I'm going to say the one thing you don't want to hear. You may not be developed enough by your standards but, the best thing for you to do is wait. If it means that much to you, ask your mom, sister or aunt to take you to the store for a padded bra. If all else fails, there's always Kleenex. Well, I'll be 15 in May (it's Jan.) and I didn't have anything there, until I lost my bra. I wore a cami everywhere, but then I didn't sleep with a bra on, and I didn't wear one around the house. When my cami was being washed, I didn't wear anything but a shirt there. Now I need to go buy I new bra, cause I found mine (it took about a month), and it's too small! It rocks! I've never had anything there before, and now I do! I just had to give them things some room to grow! Eat food with protein loads of protein or just eat healthy food but loads. I got told you have to rub them to make them grow 10 minutes a day but it only works for some people. Try drinking milk. If you gain weight yes your boobs will grow but they will become saggy and fat and the fat will also go into other places like your arms and stomach! Give it time. I had small breasts at age 15 and now I wear a D cup and I am 26.

Your breasts are still growing and your breasts will continue to grow slowly till you are 18 years old and sometimes till you are 21 years old. Just wait! Be patient By the way, its not necessarily a bad thing because you will probably be able to wear braless clothing a lot longer since gravity has a way of pulling all the extra weight downward a whole lot faster. Bigger breasts are not always the best. My breasts are not very large (34B) and it hurts when I run, and people make fun of me, ESPECIALLY IMMATURE BOYS! I am only 12 so i am just letting you know bigger breasts are not always what you want. I hope you take this advice and remind yourself, it's not about the looks its about who you are inside that counts.Take this advice and please just keep it.Hope it will help you. Maybe you have the genetics in the family that has smaller boobs. Same thing happened to me when I was your age. I am now 24 and finally have a c cup.

Don't worry about it. Bigger boobs just mean more back ache, literally. If you want them to appear bigger, you can try dusting a little white glitter over the tops and a little bronzer where natural shadows would fall on larger cleavage, plus there are a lot of different styles that will make your breasts appear larger especially with the help of a push up or padded bra. It's genetics. You inherit the ability to produce fat surrounding the mammary glands. If you mother and/or father gave you the right genes to produce large breasts, that's what you get. It isn't something that you can consciously affect, while I have heard of meditation helping a little, I don't think it has been proven. You can also avoid activities that may make your breasts smaller: smoking, losing too much weight to quickly or unhealthy eating habits. Also, specific herbs and/or plants can enhance your breast size. I've seen results. However beware of hormonal changes as that's how they work, by supporting female hormones.

Another idea is self hypnosis. Sounds crazy, but growth hormones are like messages your brain sends out. Imagine the shape you want every night and believe in results. You'll either convince yourself you already have larger breasts or actually make them grow. There is nothing wrong with a small cup size. You will be able to feed your future children just fine, and you will satisfy your future husband just fine. You need to learn to choose clothes that are flattering for your particular figure. This means that things that look good on your sister might not look as good on you, but there are other things that will look better on you.

Playtex t-shirt style bras are good because they are slightly padded but not obviously so. If you minimize caffeine intake that helps elasticity. Also evening primrose oil it helps to tighten the skin. And fenugreek or fennel powder put with a lotion and rubbed in or worn in a warm wrap can stimulate growth but the only thing you are really doing is expanding the fatty cells in your breasts so beware, if you burn fat or take pills to shrink say bye bye to your bust.

I'm 12, i rub butter on my boobs everyday instead of lotion. I am a cup size of 38C.Use Butter and u can be the same :)

Don't worry about your breast size, you may regret making them big now later.

Breasts are composed of basically fat, so the more you eat the bigger they get.

Give them time; they'll grow. Although it may seem that you're the flattest one around, this will change. Right now, your clothes fit better than anyone else's. Look at Top Model: they're mostly flat-chested. Don't worry.


Anqel : I am 12 yrs. old and my breasts are growing little by little b-cuz i am drinking milk and eating cheese and all those other healthy shxtt : ) . but the other girl up there is talking about rubbing butter on your breasts and I'm not sure that would work.

to be honest i would hate to be flat chested, i just want to be a C. since i lost weight my boobs have shrunk which is lame so i'm going to gain weight but still be healthy.

Don't do plastic surgery, believe me, i haven't heard anything good from doing that. there are natural ways to enhance your breast size, such as herbs and etc. u can look it up if u want to know more. just that, the person below is right, just wait for them to sprout, im 14 now, and i used to be a b at 12, but now im a c :) not a HUGE c, but a pretty nice c (sorry for tmi, but im just sayin) and when ur bigger chested tho, there are some shirts that are really nice that u would probably like but wouldn't be able to wear anymore, big breasts don't look good in every outfit :S (no offense to the woman with big breasts out there, just that my friend that has the biggest boobs that i know complains about it) so just wait for them to develop, you're still young.

Wait for your body to develop the way that God intended it to please believe me big boobs aren't all they are cracked up to be and if your over the age of 18 and still don't like how you look then there's always plastic surgery don't worry you'll get your boobs just wait and see what's in store for you .

well there are excercises into getting bigger breasts:

~ don't touch them

~pretend your a boxer and punch your arms

~be patient and wait until they "sprout"

especially try the first and second one. tell your mom that you think your ready to go bra-shopping. but first, make sure you outgrown the training bras and that she sees you are "stacked" somehow.

im asking the same question!

You haven't had boobs for very long, so don't worry: they WILL get bigger on their own. If you want your boobs to look bigger, they sell bra pads. You put them in your bra and your boobs look bigger. There are also "breast enhancers" but they're really expensive and probably won't fit, so I'd just pad your bra for now and call it good.

I'm sorry but the sad truth is that you can't there is nothing you can do. but don't feel bad all girl's bodies develop at different speeds.

i am only 12 yrs old 2 and i am finding out some answers

here are some of mine

eat nuts- if your not allergic

get lots of protein in you from foods that r healthy

massage with body butter not lotion

JUST rub butter on ur boobs it worked for that girl and it worked for me.#i was a 30 aa now im a B! :)

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By eating more food and working out

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Q: How can a 12 year old girl make her breasts grow or get bigger?
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