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How can a 13-year-old earn money?


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  • Get a paper route or, find someone who needs a baby sitter and offer to help out there are not a lot of options but they are out there.
  • Make a small business say selling lollies??? i have a business where i sell t shirts and so far I've been successful!!! good luck

Kids & Teens To Make Money

1. Help your parents

2. Build a lemonade stand

3. Be a babysitter

4. Offer to shovel snow

5. Write articles

6. Be a professional gamer

7. Teach computer skills

8. Mow the garden

9. Sell some home-baked cookies

10. Walk Dogs

11. Wash Cars

12. Be a tutor

13. Pet sitter

14. Buy snacks from outside & sell in school

15. Offer the service to pick up animal poop in the garden

16. Sell your own photos

17. mowing yards

18. deliver newspapers


  • see if any one at your school needs tutoring
  • Well when I was thirteen I used to clean the house on the weekend while my parents were working and by the end of the day, i would get $50.00... that's not too bad for a thirteen year old. sit sit

3.offer to walk dogs

4.garage sale

5.mow lawns

6.sell lemonade

7.clean houses

8.clean garages

9.pull weeds


11.a dishwasher at a restaurant(some do hire)

12.paper route

13.wash inside and clean outside of cars

14.some fast food places hire

15.make crafts and sell them house to house.

A thirteen year old can babysit, get a paper route, walk dogs, mow lawns, collect cans and turn them in.


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