How can a 13-year-old girl tell if a 13-year-old boy likes her?

Knowing He Likes You

Try asking him...create a modest friendship and try to figure it out when the time is right.


I know this because I AM a 13 year old boy....
Check if he is constantly trying to make you laugh. If he is... IT IS IMPERATIVE YOU LAUGH. When you don't laugh he's gonna be feeling on the downside for a bit. He might also be asking you for hugs. (That is what I always do teeheehee)

answer number 2

For me its different cos im a 13 year old girl and i recently found out that TWO boys like me...the first one which i have been his sisters best friend,suddenly started smsing me 10 times a i asked him if he did and he said yes...the second one was...ALOT Moore direct...he just suddenly asked me'Do you have a boyfriend?'so that was quite if you are in this types of situations would know...