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How can a 13 year old girl earn money?

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BABYSIT u get to chose the price and if there is more then one child u could ask for more. a few weeks ago i made 80 bucks for watching tv and reading her a story + i was only there for like 6 hours try it...

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What job can a 12 year old girl do to earn money?

Babysitting or mothers helper

How can a 10 year old girl earn money?

Running a lemonade stand. Or chores. You could have a yard sale.

How can an twelve year old girl earn some money?

Do some work around the house and tell your parents that you should get money for doing work.}

How many jobs are there for a 14 year old girl?

Most states require workers to be 16 years of age. A 14 year old girl can earn money by babysitting, cleaning home, or pet sitting.

How do you earn money now for 10 year old kids?

Earn money by doing chores for your parents and neighbors.

Can a 12 year old girl work on a farm for money?

YES! you can work on a farm when you are twelve. helping your family on a farm is a GREAT way to earn money.

How will a ten year old Filipino kid get a job to earn money?

the ten year old kid should have its study in school,they don't have to work or get a job to earn money......

How does a 10 year old earn money?

do jobs in the house

How can 11 year old in GB earn money?

An 11 year old in GB can earn money by doing chores around the house, mowing lawns, and running errands for the neighbors.

Can a 13 year old make money?

The only way i have been able to earn money is by babysitting the neighbors If u a girl u could always suk dic for money lls

How can a ten year old earn money fast?

paper round!

How can a 10 year old boy earn money?

help around the house!

What is the best way for an 11 year old to earn money?

Walk dogs

How can a 13 year old earn 500 dollars?

A 13 year old can ear $500 by babysitting,cleaning,and yard work. Those are just some simple ways for a 13 year old to earn money:)

How can a 15-year-old earn money?

I found the best way to earn money. It's super easy and you can start earning money instantly htt ps: //e CoM 3yi d (Click here Remove the spaces, skip adds and watch money fill up in your account

Why would a 22 year old girl data a 62 year old guy?


How much money a year can a 9 year old make?

I would say that a nine year old should earn about $40-$50 each year.

How can a 10-12 year old earn money?

They can do yardwork for a person they know.

What an eleven year old could do to earn money?

hold up liquor stores

How much will you earn after tax with 10000 income?

a lot of money for a 15 year old

Can a 13-year-old in Trier Germany get a job?

Even if you are just 13 years old, you can easily earn money. There are many money making websites.

How do you deal with 14 year old girl?

Money helps.

How can a 9 year old earn money fast?

Since it is illegal for a business to hire anyone under 16 a 9 year old can earn money mowing lawns, feeding/walking dogs, asking your parents what they need done around the house so you can earn money. I am afraid 9 is a little young to babysit.

How can a eight year old kid earn money?

To earn money at eight years old you can walk peoples dogs or you can ask your parents if you can do some jobs or you could ask your neighbours if they need there car washed.

How can an 11 year old earn money?

you can mow the lawn or do dishes and chores that's how you earn money if you do this for a month i think you should have enough money to buy a handheld game system.(depending on how much you earn per job)

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