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How can a 14-year-old who weighs 219 pounds lose at least 20 pounds in three months?

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July 28, 2009 1:10PM

The only way is to eat less and excercise. Weight Watchers is the healthiest,smartest way to lose weight. At you weight you could concievably olse that amount or close to it in 3months Good luck. cp i did a progam "trim kids" and lost about 60 pounds in twelve weeks. i weighed 190 when I was twelve. i had huge hips and a large belly. my waist was 45 inches around. I was about 5' 1". now i am 13, 5' 2.5" and 155 pounds with a 36" waist. i like my body image. i also have a bf. Johanna Bozua, Norwich Vemon READ THIS....YOU'LL LOVE THIS...just drink water and lose 20lbs! if you want to 20 can do what my aunt did, she said it was super easy. all she drunk was water(nothing else!)for 2 months and loss 26lbs!!! and now im doing it to!!! i weighed 163 lbs and now weigh 152 in 3 weeks.