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cut grass, babysit, car wash, allowance Would that be a fifteen year old boy or girl. You can encourage selling the newspaper, mowing lawns, washing cars, walking dogs on a leash. There are so many things a fifteen year old can do to earn some money. By the time he/she is eighteen there will be enough money saved to make a down payment on a new truck. Well depending on the make, model you intend to purchase. 6 dollar is all you need. One weekday lunch money.

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How much money is it to buy a truck?

It varies with the condition of the truck.

How do you get truck upgrades on Euro Truck Simulator gold?

To get truck upgrades on euro truck simulator gold,just make sure you have enough money to buy a new truck! then go to the truck dealer and choose your truck

Can you buy new trucks in Euro Truck Simulator?

yes you can! just make sure you have enough money to buy a truck,then go to the truck dealership and enter. a load of trucks will be there, which you can buy! (to find out what the dealership looks like,on your guide map when entering a capital,for example,Warsaw, there will be a spanner icon.thats the truck dealership!)

How do you buy an ice cream truck business?

With money.

How do you get a new truck?

Be of age.Get a job.Save some money for a down payment and insurance.Visit your local truck dealerships.Decide on what make you want.

What was the movie where a few girls bought a food truck to fix up and make money was in the 80s and was NOT Food Truck from 1981 dont remember the plot but one girl decided to buy the truck?

Also, it was not the movie 'Life is Sweet'. That was about a food wagon, but not a truck like the one that 'Stephanie' had in 'Short Circuit'.

What is the journal entry when the owner pays money from business to buy a truck?

[Debit] Truck account xxxx [Credit] Cash / bank xxxx

How can you make your truck sound supercharged?

Easy, buy a S/C.

Why do we rent a pickup truck?

Well if you only need a pickup truck once in a while, it may make more sense to rent one than to fork out the money to buy one. Also if you buy a pickup truck and you only need it once in a while you are stuck with the license plate fee, and all the taxes, insurance, and maintenance cost.

Buy a Used Truck?

form_title=Buy a Used Truck form_header=Save money, but get the features you need by purchasing a used truck. Do you want a short wheel base truck or a long wheel base truck?= () Short () Long What kind of truck are you looking for?= () Quarter Ton () Half Ton () Three Quarter Ton () Full Ton How many miles can be on the truck?=_

Will a 1994 Chevy truck transmission fit a 1988?

Yes it will fit. But here's your problem. The 94 transmission is a electronic controlled and the 88 truck doe's not have the wiring harness are computer system to operate the 94 transmission. Now I'm sure that someone out there sells an after market computer system that you can buy and install on that 88 truck to make the 94 transmission work. MONEY MONEY MONEY. I would put a 700R4 in it.

Buy a Cheap Pick Up Truck?

form_title=Buy a Cheap Pick Up Truck form_header=Enjoy the convenience of owning a pick-up truck, but without breaking the bank. How much money are you looking to spend?=_ What kind of truck would you like to buy? 2 door? 4 door? Lots of towing capacity?=_ Is there any specific color of cheap pickup truck you are interested in?= () Yes () No

Is it true that money can buy happiness?

No, but it can buy you things that make you happy (:

What is the difference between money and honey?

Money can buy honey and with money you can make honey

How do you make money to buy a webcam?

you get a job!

How do you make a money box?

buy one

How make fake money?

buy some

How much money do you need to become a Nascar driver?

As much as it takes to buy a car, have a pay team, have a pit crew, be able to buy the tires, buy the gas, have a truck for merchandise, and a car building team. ( a lot of money)

How do you buy the monster truck in Mercenaries 2 World in Flames for PS2?


Why do woman say men like money?

we don't like money we want it to buy mansions and monster truck and take over the world only women like money

How do the Philippines make money?

they get a job and make money and buy food and a house and lots of other stuff

How do you make a truck more fuel efficient?

Buy the new Hyrbid silverado. There is no way to make a truck more efficient. Check out the new 2009 Chevy hybrid silverado. Thanks

Why do investers buy stock?

Mostly to make money.

Why did bill gates buy mojang?

to make money

Why is united states department of commerce and the bureau of economic affairs no longer going to tell the American public what foreign investors are buying in the united states?

their economy is so corrupted and they need money so they make people buy stuff to get the money their economy is so corrupted and they need money so they make people buy stuff to get the money their economy is so corrupted and they need money so they make people buy stuff to get the money their economy is so corrupted and they need money so they make people buy stuff to get the money