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become a lifegueard, waiter, shop accistant(depending on hobbies)

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Q: How can a 15 year old male get a job over the summer break?
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Do child labor laws limit the number of hours a 15 year old can work per day over summer break?

No. A fifteen year old may work 40 hours per week, just like an adult, over summer break. Once school starts again, you are limited.

Does Norway have summer break in school?

Yes. Every year.

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When are traditional schools open even on summer break?

Traditional public schools are open for summer school on summer break. A week or two after the start of summer break and a week or two before the start of the school year, schools are often open for teachers and administrators.

Is year round schooling better than regular schooling?

It depends on your point of view. Year-round schooling has the same number of days of school as the regular school year, but with longer vacation breaks. Say regular schooling has 2 weeks of winter break, year round schools may have 1 month of break. Also, year-round schools don't get as long a summer break. My opinion is that year-round schooling is better because it's harder to forget so much over a shorter summer break. suck my balls

Why should we keep summer vacation?

To break up the academic and business year.

What is the Illinois curfew law in moline for a 15 year old over summer?

what is the Illinois curfew law in moline for a 15 year old over summer

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When is Summer Break in Canada?

Adults do not receive a summer break. Children are generally away from school from the last week in June through the first week in September. There is year-round schooling in some jurisdictions.

What is the amount of holidays in the school year?


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the school year ends in march. Starts back in April and they have summer break for the month of August

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It already is in some countries, such as Japan, where summer vacation is only one month long. Colleges and universities offer courses year-round as well.A popular critique of summer vacation is that students forget most of what they learn from the previous school year during break. Proponents of summer vacation believe that over-schooling can lead to stress disorders and depression, among other things.

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China has no summer break, school 24/7 365 oh yea!!!!

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During Spring Break, Summer holidays and Christmas season.

Why kids should have year round school instead of summer vacation?

Kids need their vacation. Its that simple. I am a kid myself and personally in my school we lack holidays. Our summer break is 7 weeks long. After A hard school year full of ICGSE kids need to have their down time and break.

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