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A company has to sponsor the Mexican to get a work visa.

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Q: How can a Mexican get a work visa while staying in the US?
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Can a U.S. company get a visa for a Mexican citizen to work in the US?


How can Mexican Citizens work in US?

Apply for a work Visa to the United States. With the Visa you will be able to work in the United States regardless of the country you are from because that would be trivial.

Can we get usa and uk work visa without any sponsor if yes then how?

Yes. You can get USA and UK work visa without any sponsor by staying there for more than 10 years.

Can an Indian citizen require a visa to enter in maldives?

Yes if you are going to work in Maldives you will require a visa or if you are staying for more than 3 months.

Can you work on a US spousal visa?

Some visas allow for spouses to work (L visa) while other do not (for example, the H visa). You should tell an immigration attorney what type of visa you are referring to and get a specific answer to your needs.

Can you get residency in US while living with work visa in Canada?


Can a Canadian citizen work for his Canadian employer while being in India on a tourist visa?

You would need the appropriate work visa from the Indian government.

Can a Thai citizen with a US F-1 visa enter Mexico without a visa?

No. Having a visa for country A will never work to get into country B -- anywhere in the world. In the case of Mexico, you need to get a visa issued by the Mexican government.

If a US citizen artist needs a work visa for Mexico for a short period should he apply for an FM3 visa?

If you are staying in Mexico for less than six months, you should apply for a FMT (Short-Term Non-immigrant) visa.

How can i apply for Italy visit visa and work visa?

To get a work visa you will need a work permit. When you get the work visa it will act as your entry visa to the country. So you will not need a separate visit visa.

If we goto dubai on work visa and the visa is expired can we get usa work visa from dubai?

No. You cannot get USA work visa from Dubai even though you have been in Dubai on work visa and the visa expired.

Does a US citizen need a visa to visit France?

No, provided they are staying for less than 90 days, and are coming as a tourist (not to live or work).

A Mexican citizen working in US what is best to get a non immigrant visa- Border Crossing Card- Passport?

It is better to get a working Visa in the USA. A BCC won't clear the reason why you cross the border every day to go to work. Also, working in the USA is illegal if you don't have a work Visa

What visa do you need to work in the US?

Work visa

You have work visa in Kuwait can you get a work visa in Qatar with out cancelling Kuwait work visa?

Yes You Can....

Can a Mexican student inside the US get a working visa in case she finds a paying job inside the US?

No, the student would need to already receive a job offer and have that company file a petition on the students behalf. There is no such thing as a working visa to look for work- you must find the work first, then you can apply for a visa.

Canadian visit US visa?

Canadian citizens do not need a Visa to visit the US unless they are staying for an extended period of time for work , school or other business. A Canadian citizen would need a passport to enter the U.S.

Do you need a visa to visit US for a week when you have a British passport?

If you are a legal resident of Great Britain and with to visit the United States for a week and do not plan to work while there, you do not need a visa. Your passport will work.

What is the meaning of a 'work visa'?

a work visa means you can enter the country on conditions that you work

Do you need a work visa to work in Kuwait?

i need the visa for work in any country

How you can get us work visa?

Work visa can be got through employers only. Either company in US should recruit you and apply for your work visa or company in your home country also can send you to work in US on a work visa. Depending on the requirement and your eligibility you will be issued a visa with which you get authorization to work in US.

Your BF is moving to London for a year for school and you want to go with him What could you do while you are there Are you allowed to work on a visa there for a whole year?

You're best bet would be to apply for a work visa and find out the laws for foreigners to work in Britain.

How you can get greencard if you work with visa J1?

How you can get greencard if you work with visa J1?"

Can you work in Singapore if you are there on a Visitor's visa?

Of course not. You cannot work in Singapore with a visitor's visa. This would be illegal. You have to apply for a Singapore work visa.

Can you work with a student visa?

most of the country does not allow students to work with a student visa. still, some student gets a small part-time job but this is illegal in some country while countries in Europe Like France, Poland, Ireland students can work with their student visa and also get 2 Years Of PSW.