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I don't think that is right... A Muslim man cant marry two women...

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How many times can a Muslim man marry?

Muslim men can have 4wives at a time. Conditions to be follow are; 1- Suppose he has a wife if he is willing to marry second time then the first wife permission is necessary and so on. 2- If he has 4 wives then he can not marry more. 3- If one of the 4 wives is dead or divorced then he can marry one more time.

How can a Muslim married man marry a Hindu girl without divorce to Muslim wife and without informing first wife?

muslim man can't marry without telling his wives and they have the choice to stay with him or not Muslim man can marry muslim woman or woman belive in god ex: christian or Jewish .

How do you marry your wife's sister in Islam?

A Muslim can't keep two real sisters in marriage at the same time. He may marry the sister of his wife after his wife's death or after divorcing his wife.

Can a married Hindu man marry with Muslim women without divorcing his first wife?

No Muslim man or woman can marry a Hindu man or woman.

What Islam says about having nonmuslim wife?

it is allowed for a Muslim guy yo marry nonmuslim girl..but it is forbidden for a Muslim girl to marry nonmuslim guy

Can a man marry two girls who are sisters in islam?

No, he can't. It is strictly forbidden; per Islam rules, for a Muslim man to marry at one time two sisters. If his wife passed away, he can marry her sister.

Is it proper for a Christian to marry a Muslim?

It is not common, but some Muslims marry christians.Answer:It is permitted for a Muslim man to marry a Jewish or Christian woman (though it is not recommended in this day and age because of the strength of the non-Muslim cultures, and their hatred towards Islam).According to Islam it is not permitted for a Muslim woman to marry anyone but a Muslim man. A Muslim man is obligated to respect the traditions of his Jewish or Christian wife. But a non-Muslim man will generaly not respect the traditions of his Muslim wife. Plus the children need to be raised in Islam. With the father usually being dominant, that will not happen with a non-Muslim husband.

Is shahrukh wife muslim?

Yes shahrukh khan's wife is muslim . her name is gauri khan and she was also an actor. They both met on the sets of a movie and decided to marry.

Can you possible to Hindu girl marry with Muslim married person?

i am hindu and I want to marry with muslim married boy his wife not want to divorce at last one and half years......

If a christian husband allows his wife to carry on practising her religion and when they have children that they are also allowed Islamic upbring then is it allowed for a Muslim woman to marry a chris?

According to Islamic Law,In any situation, any conditions, In any circumstancesA Muslim Women can NOT Marry to a non Muslim.Their is no way or any thing which makes a Muslim women to marry non Muslim men.but, if the Man converts his religion to Islam. than he can marry to Muslim women.But A Muslim Men Can marry to Non Muslim women (But these non Muslim Includes only Christan & Jews ).

Is it mandatory for a Muslim man to have more than one wife?

A:About the same number of boys and girls are born, so for each man who has two wives, another man must remain unmarried. It would therefore be impossible for every Muslim to have more than one wife. Even in countries where polygamy is legal, most Muslims choose to have only one wife. _____________________________________________________It is practically exceptional for a Muslim man to marry more than one wife although he is entitled to marry up to four wives at a time.

What are the legal issues during a divorce in a Muslim marriage when one party is a non-Muslim and the other is a Muslim?

A Muslim is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim so there should be no legal issues during a divorce because there is no marriage to begin with. a nonMuslim wife has all the rights of a Muslim wife after divorce, except she can not have the children, she can see them whenever she wishes, but not have them. supposing that this wife is a Jew or Christian, as it is known. Legal issues are eitherwise the same for a Muslim wife.

Can a Muslim woman marry a non-Muslim man?

A Muslim woman must only be married to a Muslim man. However, a muslim man can marry a christian woman if he wants to, as most of the children will follow their father, and the wife may later convert, over the influence of her husband, giving him deeds.

How many times can a Muslim marry?

He can marry several times as long as he can support his different families. Answer 2 A Muslim man is permitted, if need arises, to have Four wives at a time on the condition that he treats all his wives justly and fairly. He must spend each night with one wife in turn. It makes it very difficult to follow this command of Almighty Allah. That is why most of the Muslims have one wife at a time. The Muslims are advised to have only one wife at a time if they can't do justice to their wives.

Can a christian woman marry to a man who is having more than one wife?

no, but a Muslim can. it is illegal if you are christian.

If a non Muslim girl wants to marry a Muslim man but didnt grow up in a religious family would that be possible?

Yes, as long as she is a believing Jew or Christian. But a Muslim wife is better for a Muslim man

How many times can a Muslim man marry in Turkey?

According to Islam, he can many times as he likes but he can have only four wives at a time. However, Turkey has a number of secular laws, including a prohibition on polygamy of any form (regardless of whether the Turkish citizen is Muslim or not). As a result, a Muslim in Turkey must divorce his first wife if he wishes to marry a second.

Can a Muslim marry again even if he is a married man?

Yes, a Muslim man can marry again even if he is married but subject to conditions and restrictions. It is subject to his former wife approval. He should be fair to all his wives without any discrimination. He may do so if his former wife is life sick and can't perform her marriage obligations. She may agree for her husband to marry a second wife rather than divorcing her.

What Is The Word For A Muslim Wife?

There is no special word for a Muslim wife.

How can a Muslim married man marry a Hindu girl without divorce to Muslim wife?

A Moslem man may marry a Moslem, a Christian or a Jewish woman. He is forbidden to try to convert either a Christian or Jewish wife - if she converts, it must be of her own free-will. The Prophet married a Christian. (A Moslem woman may marry only a Moslem man.) Marriage to anyone born into another faith is allowed but only after a voluntary and sincere conversion to an Abrahamic religion. For a Muslim man to have a second wife, without divorce to the first one, it is necessary to take permission fom the first wife.

When I'm already married but i converted to a Muslim can i get married again?

If you & your wife both are converted to islam than no need to marry again

Could christian woman marry a Muslim man even tho he has a wife?

no. that's polygamy. and the God is against it. have a nice day!

Can a Muslim man marry a non Muslim woman and remain married to a Muslim woman too?

Yes, but under conditions:Not violating the country local lawsgetting first wife acceptancethe non Muslim woman should be only Jewish or Christian.

What can a non-Muslim man do to get permission from his Muslim Girl Friends parents to be with hermarry her besides convert?

Because it is Haram for a Muslim women to marry a non Muslim man, because since the husband is usually in charge he might force her to not become Muslim, though a Muslim Man can marry a Jewish or Christian wife.the person who typed that above is totally true,but if you really like the girlfriend you would convert to Islam!

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