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Replace the existing coping with a horizontal aluminum liner receiver track by either Cardinal or Cinderella. These tracks are very small in height so you can run either your concrete or wood/composite deck over them.

See the HM-1 or HM-2 at

Purchase it at: and look under "INGROUND POOLS" and then subheading "ALUMINUM LINER TRACK" or "ALUMINUM LINER TRACK BY CARDINAL"


Yes, but if you use aluminum track be sure to ground each section or it will oxdize. PVC would be better..

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Q: How can a PVC coping on a liner pool be replaced by bullnose pavers?
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Where can you find plastic coping clips for your 30 year old inground swimming pool?

I share the same problem. I had a new liner installed, but the coping in cracked and need to be replaced.

How can a small broken section of coping track which holds the pool liner be repaired or replaced?

inyopools carries the coping for the tops of the above ground liners really reseanable price.

Can the PVC coping be replaced with new PVC coping on an inground pool built in the mid 70's?

Pool coping can only be replaced by cutting the concrete at least a foot back from the coping and busting that section out. If it were me, I wouldn't replace it with PVC, I would go with aluminum. Because of this, a new liner will most likely be needed. My pool was built in '74. The liner needs to be replaced and the coping looks awful. I have been told by 2 pool repair men that the concrete will have to be "busted up" and also replaced. I was told "Liner Lock" is used to hold the new liner onto the old coping and it should last until the liner needs to be replaced again. So, I asked if there was something out there to cover the coping since it looked so bad. One of them says he will check into it for me but I have not heard back yet. I AM IN THE SAME SITUATION WITH A 30 YEAR OLOD POOL. I AM ONLY LOOKING TO PURCHASE THE 4 ALUMINUM CORNERS IF SOMEONE DECIDES TO GET RID OF THEM TO ADD NEWER COPING PLEASE CONTACT ME AT WGJ48@AOL.COM. THANKS, BILL

Should you replace the coping while you are replacing the liner in your inground pool if the white on the coping gets on your skin?

I replaced the liner and kept the old coping. Now, five years later, the coping is failing. It has cracks and splits and looks terrible. If I had it to do all over again, I would have replaced the coping. There were signs of deterioration that I had ignored. The small seam covers had mostly broken off. Blaming the kids, I got some replacements from the company that had installed the pool originally. The lasted on season. Your coping may be failing. Why take the chance?

In ground pool liner pulled away from wall about 8 inches how to get it back?

Either your liner is floating because of water is behind it, which will evaporate away as long as it is a minimal amount. If you do not have liner lock in the coping it will pull out from the wall by breaking the seal. Pull the liner back to the coping insertion to lock it back into the coping and install the liner lock ( T-shaped poly bead that slips into coping beadlock) Cheap Cure!! Or, unfortunatly, your liner is giving way and it is taking on water.

Can you replace the coping for an inground pool without replacing the liner?


Can you reinstall a Doughboy expandable liner by taking the coping off?

No! Leave the coping on the pool. Pull the liner over the top of the coping and clip it where the liner is sagging down and only touching in the middle without any wrinkles and then start the water. As the pool fills readjust the liner. Click this link to download the full instructions from Doughboy

Can you put the new liner on top of the old one?

The answer is no. Vinyl liner pools and the concrete deck around the pool are constructed with "concrete receptor coping". The concrete deck is poured into the receptor coping which at the very bottom has was is called a "bead receptor". The vinyl liner at the top has what we call a bead, used to install the liner into the bead receptor. Because there is, and can be, only one bead receptor, a second liner cannot be installed.

How do you repair a liner that keeps separating from the coping in the same spot?

I went to the local pool supplier and purchased some "Liner Lock" It comes in 10' pieces at about $4.50 Cdn. each. It is about1/2" wide and about 1/8" thick. you drain the pool a bit some you can pull the liner back into place then push the liner lock into the space between the liner and the yop of the coping. If your coping has opened up a lot you may need two pieces stacked to lock it in place. I used a block of wood and a small hammer to install it. Completely solved the problem!!

Can you replace old cracked coping on a vinyl liner pool?

Yes you can! We have a pool and my dad fixed ours.

Can you replace coping on vinyl liner pool with stone?

Afraid not. Vinyl liner pools are built using "concrete receptor coping" into which the deck is poured. It also contains the "bead receptor" that the vinyl liner attaches to. Actually YES it can. You would want to do this during a liner replacement but it can be done. You would have to remove the concrete from around the perimeter of the pool, remove/ replace the "concrete receptor coping" with bead receiver, aluminum extrusion, form/pour a bond beam, then lay your stone. Not really an easy do it yourself job but it can be done.

What are the advantages of cylinder liners?

The main reason for having a cylinder liner is the liner can be removed. If the cleances are to great it can be replaced.

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