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How can I check and see if my ex had a Swiss Bank Account? Our daughter who was the only minor child would be entitled to that money.

You are able to open a Swiss bank account, without having personally go to Switzerland, it can all be done in correspondence. That of course does not apply on a numbered account, which in that case you will have to visit Switzerland in person to approve the account, try for more information.

Swiss bank accounts generally, by definition, are impenetrable and unfindable.

The only way a Swiss bank will even let you see IF someone owns an account (much less let you exact money from it) is if you show up personally to court in Switzerland, hire a Swiss lawyer, and prove that the owner has violated a SWISS law. Even cold-blood tax evasion is not against Swiss law, as the Swiss value the right of privacy over virtually any other right. Trying to get money from an ex would get laughed out of Swiss courts. (This is precisely why so many people get Swiss bank accounts.)

If your husband was a serious a##hole, extremely rich, and you really need that money, search Swiss law and look for any possible loophole in the situation, pray, and call a Swiss law firm. But your chances are slim.

As for how to get a Swiss bank account, there are two options. A) get a normal bank account the regular way (usually necessitating showing up in person), but this won't get you the sweet features in the movies (numbered account, private identity, etc.). B) One of the two or three elite banks, e.g. Credit Suisse, will give you all the coveted special features only if you can make a starting deposit worth their time (usually about 1,000,000 USD).

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Q: How can a US citizen get a Swiss bank account?
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if it is the same bank, yes

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Not a good Idea. When it comes to someone wanting bank account transfer, its usually fraudulent.

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yes they can open it if they comited to live there.

How do I open US Bank account?

To open a US Bank account, you either need to be a Citizen of USA or someone who runs a business in USA or someone who earns an income in USA. If you do not fall under either of these 3 categories, then you will not be able to open a US bank account. To open a bank account, you need identity proof, address proof and Social Security Number.

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yes. like having a CIBC account in Canada can help you to get a credit card from Bank of America, what you have to do is to open an account in Bank of America and transfer your paychecks for deposite directly into your bank account.

Can a Canadian citizen living in the US Open a bank account in Canada?

One would hope so!

What is the best bank for a simple cheque account?

The best banks for a simple checking account include Nation Wide, Citizen's Bank and US Bank. All of these banks provide online checking accounts and more.

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Yes. You are a US citizen so you have the same privilege as any other citizen. You can apply online for some bank accounts, so it will not be necessary to travel back to the US if you are not able.

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Not now...after US became strict with Swiss banks...she moved her accounts to different banks in maldives, mauritius, Britain, british Columbia, hawai and carribian islands

HOW MANY Digits does a us bank account number have?

A us bank account has #12 digits in california

Who is the us correspondent bank for Swiss post finance?

Correspondent U.S. bank for Post Finance

Can non us citizen with SSN open bank account?

Usually, yes. You may have to provide additional identification to establish your identity or answer additional questions to satisfy the bank's internal reporting requirements.

When were woman allowed to have a bank account in the US?

To the best of my knowledge women have never not been allowed to have a bank account in the US.

Can a us citizen open an account In PNB Philippine national bank?

A US citizen can legally open a bank account with the Philippine National Bank after filling out and submitting special paperwork required of US citizens. Many foreign banks are no longer willing to open accounts for citizens of the United States due to passage of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). The paperwork and reporting requirements required by foreign banks that allow US citizens to open bank accounts are so onerous that many banks simply refuse to open accounts for US citizens. In addition, there are severe penalties for both the banks and US citizens who inadvertently or deliberately violate the rules and regulations imposed by FATCA.

Can the police freeze your bank account for a minor hit and run?

No. In the US the police cannot freeze your bank account. That would require a court order.No. In the US the police cannot freeze your bank account. That would require a court order.No. In the US the police cannot freeze your bank account. That would require a court order.No. In the US the police cannot freeze your bank account. That would require a court order.

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as far as i know, you can as long as you have valid status in the country... such as a visitor's or student's visa, or you are a permanent resident. if not, you can always go to wells Fargo in the states and set up an international checking account for Canada.

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You already have an account with us bank even though you are in chexsystems you want to use a new bank none will take you Does'nt your active account prove anything?


What scientist was born in Germany in 1879 became a Swiss citizen in 1901 and later became a US citizen in 1940?

Albert Einstein - see wikipedia entry for confirmation.

Does U.S. Bank offer any high yield savings accounts?

U.S. Bank does not currently have any high interest savings account. The highest paying account the bank currently has is 0.85% in a money market savings account. The highest yield available at US Bank (for a savings account) is the Package Money Market Savings account with yields up to 0.85%. This account must be opened with a US Bank Silver, Gold or Platinum checking account.

What is the short name of the Swiss bank that has disclosed customer details to the US government?

"UBS AG" is the name of the Swiss bank ; see related link to the news article below .

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Bank of America, SWIFT BOFAUS3N, Account 6550422632

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You go to bank and open another account like you did the first time.