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How can a US citizen immigrate to Canada?

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You have to sign a whole bunch of legal papers.

2007-04-26 22:51:44
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Where did the Irish immigrate too?

they immigrated to the US and Canada

Can a US citizen open a business in Canada?

US citizen open a business in Canada

Can a US citizen get a drivers license in Canada?

No, you cannot get a drivers license in Canada if you are a US citizen.

Where did Vietnamese immigrate after the war?

Primarily the US, Canada, and Australia.

What might motivate a us citizen to immigrate to Mexico?

A plentiful supply of inexpensive tequila.

Which countries are the easiest to immigrate from besides the us?

Canada = very easy.

Is Justin Bieber a US citizen?

No, he is a citizen of Canada. He was born and raised in Ontario, Canada.

Where do Romanians immigrate?

In Spain, Italy, France, Germany, US, Canada etc.

Can you be a citizen of the US and Canada?

yes you can

Can a Canadian bring home a Mexican and how?

== == If you are asking about a Mexican citizen trying to Immigrate to Canada, and being sponsored by a Canadian citizen, the answer is NO. All Immigrants to Canada have to apply from their HOME COUNTRY, and the process will take from 2 to 3 years to complete.

Hi! My name is Juliana Im a redisent permanent in Us and romanian citizen and I will like to immigrate in Canada! Can u please advice me what are the steps to get to Canada! Thank You!?

You can immigrate to Canada via the employment route. Start out by applying for jobs in your field of specialization. The most in-demand jobs in Canada right now are in the fields of healthcare, legal, and science and engineering. If you belong to one of these professions, it's easier for you to immigrate. Once you receive an offer of employment you can visit a Citizenship and Immigration Canada office in your area to start the immigration application process.

What are the different ways in which a person can become a US citizen?

You can be born in the United States and become an automatic citizen. Or you can immigrate to the United States and apply for citizenship after living in the US for seven years.

Can a US felon go to Canada If the marry a Canadian citizen?

Can a is felon go to Canada if they marry a Canadian citizen

Can a US Citizen with a DWI enter Canada?


Can a US citizen fly into the US without a Passport from Canada?


Why did Germany immigrate too Canada?

Countries do not immigrate. Only people can.

Where do people immigrate to mostly in Western Canada?

People Immigrate to Western Canada because of resources that meet their needs.

Do Mexican citizen with permanent residency in the US need a visa to travel to Canada?

Anyone who is a permanent resident of the US is not a citizen yet. So if you are truly a Mexican citizen, you are required to have a visa if traveling to Canada. If you were to become a citizen of the US, however, then no visa would be required.

Which two countries have recently immigrated to Canada?

Countries do not "immigrate." People immigrate.

What statements about Canada's Immigration is true?

People from many countries immigrate to Canada.

Can an adult US citizen adopt a citizen of Canada?

Ya know, I'm not sure.

Can a dual citizen of Canada and the US born in Canada now living in the US and a convicted felon in the US travel to Canada?

I would expect Canada to allow any Canadian citizen to re-enter Canada on demand. The same rule would not apply to foreigners, however.

Do Australians immigrate to Canada?


Where did Jim carrey immigrate from?


Immigration to Canada?

Yes, people still immigrate to Canada.