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The 34th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop was an organic unit to the 34th Infantry Division, the Red Bulls. The 34th Inf. Div. & the 88th Inf. Div., the Blue Devils, were divisions that served in Italy together in 1944-45. The veteran was probably a member of the 88th first, so that patch is on the right sleeve. Since the 34th Cav. Recon. Trp. was listed on the discharge document, that means he was a member of that unit last. Therefore, he would have the 34th Inf. Div. patch on his left sleeve. As to why he would of went from one unit to the other, most of the time it was because the veteran was wounded or ill. When he recovered, he did not necessarily go back to his original unit.

Richard V. Horrell WW 2

the patch on the right shoulder is the unit that a man 1st sees combat with. the one on the left is for the unit that he is currently assigned to. if you see combat with a unit and remain assigned to it you can wear that patch on both shoulders.

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Can you wear a Cavalry stetson with the new Army Service uniform?

If you are attached to a cavalry unit have been to combat with a cavalry unit and/or been part of a Spur ride then yes

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