How can a boy dress feminine with out it being cross dressing?

Yes, Halloween parties are a great place to enjoy dressing in a women's dress or completely to dress as a total women (cloths, wig, shoes, makeup). Moreover, even if want to appear and stroll around a shopping mall entering a women's clothing store without shame or to be embarrassed with bad looks or comments.

Halloween is a great time for anyone to cross dress publically!

I think this is not a very helpful answer. I am a very masculine guy who loves to mix and clothing. I may wear a tight top (which may be thought to be feminine), and boots that are obviously not men's. I also wear a little eyeliner, mascara, and alittle eye shadow. Again, you know I am wearing makeup.

I still look masculine, like a guy, except that I am wearing makeup, woman's boots, and top. I get looked at, and no some looks are in disgust, non believe, support, or neutral. This type of look confuses people because they do not know where to place you: are you a CD, gay, some kind of freak or what. I love it, I am just a guy who wears what he likes.

People also look at me the same way when I wear my bicycling road racing shorts and jerseys, with a noticeable nose septum piercing. Who cares.

Lastly, if you are not perceived by the masses out there as masculine, you will placed in a category you may not like. Like it or leave is up to you. And remember, none of us lives for them.