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Please read the papers you signed. They loikely state that the payments set forth are CONDITIONAL upon the dealer finding a lender that will take the contract as written. YOUR credit report will have a lot to do with that happening. Maybe no lender wants to finance you at that amount based on your CR.

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Q: How can a car dealer call you back a week later and ask for more money per month if you signed a contract saying how much you would pay?
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What if you buy a new car in ca with a factory rebate then a week later the dealer wants you to sing a new contract with out the rebate?

Refuse and demand your rebate. You signed a contract that not only you have to live with but so does the dealer. The contract works both ways and all you have to do is say NO!

If a dealer makes a mistake on a car contract are they responsible for the mistake?

If you signed it you are bound to it, even if you didn't read it beforehand. If you haven't signed it then they are responsible for fixing the mistake before you sign it if they still want your business. If you signed it and later came to a problem where you realized the contract was ambiguous it will work to your advantage under the rule of contra proferentum.

If the installment contract had inadvertently not been signed by the seller and the buyer wants out after three days is this a sufficient loophole for a used car contract?

The dealer typically never signs the contract when the customer does. The dealer principal does quite often. Sorry this is not a loophole, its still a binding contract. However if you signed an open contract where it doesn't say what bank anywhere on the contract its assigned to then a very good lawyer can help you. Sometimes dealers can have you sign a contact without getting an approval from a bank first so they can leave that part out for them to hand write it in later.

Can you return a car after you sign the papers if the dealer says he made a mistake and can't give it to you for the price you signed for?

The question is a bit confusing. When purchasing a car from a dealership, the transaction is by contract. Once the contract is signed, the contracted price is the price. There is no changing of minds later. If, as is not unusual, the dealer sent you with the vehicle to return at a later date to sign the contract, and then changed the price, this could be an attempt at fraud. Get the change in writing, do not sign anything, and take your evidence directly to an attorney who specializes in consumer fraud.

If you bought a new car and signed a contract for 0 percent APR and 3 weeks later the dealer called and said you were not approved at 0 percent and now your payment is over 100 more can they do that?

Yes the dealer sends your signed contract on to a loan broker possibly the company that makes the vehicle and they in turn run a credit report if your credit is not up to the standards for a zero percent loan it is not accepted you in turn do not have to purchase the vehicle since the terms you signed for are not accepted the contract is void. Let the dealer lower the price to you or go someplace else to purchase.

Do consumers have rights when purchasing a vehicle at a specific contract and then the dealership later decides to change that contract what is the time limitation?

Up to the point where the contract is signed, either party can modify the terms. Once the contract is signed, the deal is done and both sides have to live with it.

Can a dealer take your car back if you signed a contract because later found they could not get you financed?

Yes if you cant pay you obviously don't own the car he was only lending it to you until you were in a position to pay which didn't happen

Is a contract null and void if it is signed and the attorney takes it and notarizes it later?

No, it will not be void because noterisation is not necessary.

When did Samuel de Champlain get married?

they signed a contract on December 27th 1610 and where married 3 days later

Can you revise the term of a contract after its date of execution through an addendum signed at a later date?

As long as both parties agree to it, certainly. A contract can be amended with a letter, an amendment or an addendum.

Can a car dealer ask you to redo your contract 4 days later because they forgot to charge sales tax in Washington state?


If I signed a document but didn't read the document and found out later it was a contract and it was misrepresented to me orally by a salesperson am I bound to the contract?

If this was a salesperson that came to your door, you have 3 days to nullify the agreement. If you went to a store or establishment and signed it, you are bound by the written agreement you signed.

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