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what i have found to work for me is music. a headphone set doesn't offer the visual distraction and keeps a separate part of the mind active. it also gives you something enjoyable to do with the not-so-enjoyable. i only say this because it worked for me. i was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid and believe myself to still suffer the effects now.

**You might try some Australian Bush Flower Essences Cognis might help for better attention span. & drops in a 16 bottle of water, shake and sip as he is studying and when taking tests for better recall. NOT a drug and no bad side effects :o)))

"Australian Bush Flower Healing" by Ian White

ISBN-10: 073380

Yahoo email group discussing Australian Bush Flower Essences


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Why is reading boring?

Reading may be boring because whatever you are reading does not intrigue or interest you. Reading itself isn't boring - it's the content of the text.

Why is homework so boring?

Homework is practice, and practicing something can get boring. Check out the Related Questions below for some tips on how to make your work less boring!

Sentence using banal?

Banal is another word for the term boring. A good sentence would be, he was so banal while teaching that the students were falling asleep.

What is the most boring homework assignment?

The most boring homework assignments are the ones that you can never get and spend hours trying to figure them out.

How do you use boring in a sentence?

I almost fell asleep three times during that boring speech.

Is homework supposed to be hard?

Sometimes it is. Usually it's supposed to be practicing what you're learning - boring, but fairly easy if you're paying attention in class and reading your material.

Facts about gallipoli campaign?

HaHaHaHa Boring topic, now asleep

What is the most boring homework?

D.O.G (daily oral Geography)

How funny is Simon Cowell?

really funny when he wants to be but when he is boring, you fall asleep!

Is home work good?

Homework may be boring .......but yes it is good

How will homework prepare you for a job?

Here are some ways homework will help you when you get out of school and have a job:You will know how to discipline yourself to do the work even if it's boringYou will be able to plan ahead and meet deadlinesYou will be able to do math, science, reading, writing, and other tasks because you have learned them doing homeworkYou will be able to find information you need

What happened in Tuck Everlasting the book?

It's really boring, you will fall asleep i swear.

How do you make homework less boring?

What I do is I made a sheet that says "sign this if you are angry at your homework" whenever I get stuck on a problem or the homework is way to boring, I sign the sheet. Every time i sign it it makes me smile as I see the hundreds of signatures i have written on the sheet. This doesn't do anything to make it less boring, but it's just something to brighten you up when ur homework is overwhelming u., Of course this is for me, it may not work for you. But it's a start!

What is secondary school like?

crap & boring. you get loads of homework and the teachers are stupid...

Do you think Harry Potter is boring?

Heck yeah. I watched one a long time ago. It was so long and boring. I almost fell asleep. LOL.

Why so teachers still set homework even though it is sooooo boring?

homework is awesome what r u talking about i am 8 by the way

Can you make a sentence start from class to make me happy?

"Class was so boring that I fell asleep."

What is the disadvantages of reading the newspaper?

it is long boring and black and wight

Should teachers give out assignments?

no because it's boring and they is no use if we already have homework

Worlds most boring book?

Probably an autobiography by a man who sleeps in his mums attic because hes so boring his mum falls asleep when she sees him! xo

What are words that describe homework?

Words that describe homework are:helpfullearningteachingpracticeeasyhardboringinterestingpaper workFrustrating

Does homework do more good than harm?

Homework is designed to help you learn, so it's a good thing even if it's boring or difficult.

Is homework boring?

What kind of quiestoin is that couse it is and if a little kid is reading this i say get off Answers.comNobody likes work - just ask your parents when they're on their way to their job if they'd rather have the day off to play!

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