How can a construction company market itself?

Marketing a Construction Company

The most important aspect of marketing is knowing who your customers are and how to best reach them. In construction, your customers may be individual homeowners (consumers), businesses (i.e. builders, real estate managers, etc.) or a combination of both. Each target market responds to different marketing activities.

Builders and real estate managers are considered business-to-business prospects, while homeowners fall under the group of consumer marketing. Despite which market you are targeting, keep in mind that every person you come in contact with is a potential client or a potential source of referral.

In construction, word-of-mouth will play a vital role in your success. Most people ask for a recommendation from their friends, neighbors and business associates before hiring a contractor. So make sure that you always project a professional image, that your clients are always satisfied and that you have business cards readily available to hand out. Also, invest in a nice marketing brochure or informational folder with inserts that pertain to either the business customer or the homeowner.

You also want to make yourself and your company visible through sponsorships and endorsements of community events such as sponsoring a little league team or a neighborhood clean-up.

If your target market is the individual homeowner, it is important for you to know that these particular customers respond to mailers and other promotions, and the more eye-catching the piece - the more effective. Consider an oversized postcard mailing to keep costs to a minimum.

The business-to-business marketing programs that you should use are personal communication, advertising and public relations. You should first call your prospects to introduce yourself. Note the source of referral if relevant. Next, mail them some literature regarding your company and how you can meet their needs. Then, do a follow-up call in about a week. Try to close the sale or arrange a face-to-face meeting. Make sure to keep a database to track prospects.

Remember to always forge ahead and look for those referrals! Good luck!