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Once can stay as long as their visa or Immigration papers allows them to

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Q: How can a foreigner stay in the US?
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How long can a foreigner stay in the us with only a passport?

i think 6 months

If the foreigner still marry to a foreigner can he she get marry to US citizen?

see you in jail!

Can a foreigner buy a car in the US?


US-citizen girl want a foreigner to sponsor?

i will marred

Can a foreigner be a Senator if he or she has been in the US for 9 years?

No, you have to be a US Citizen.

If a us citizen were to have a child with a foreigner working in usa with an approved h2b visa does the foreigner become a resident when the child is born?


What is the adjective of foreigner?

There could be any number of adjectives for 'Foreigner' (pron. fore-uh-ner) Old foreigner young foreigner asian foreigner tall foreigner short foreigner fat foreigner skinny foreigner drunk foreigner sober foreigner white-haired foreigner and so on . . . . BUT If you meant "What is 'Foreigner' in adjective form?" the answer would be, "Foreign".

Can a foreigner with legal stay play national lottery?

Anyone can play the National Lottery.

Can a foreigner with a valid US visa marry a permanent resident and file a petition?

Yes, the spouse would be able to file a petition (I-130). However, since the spouse is only a permanent resident, a spouse visa would not be available for some 3-4 years. Therefore, the foreigner would HAVE to return to their native country and wait for the spouse visa to become available. The foreigner can only stay in the US if he/she is under any other visa that would allow lawful stay (for example an F-1 student visa or H-1B visa, but NOT a B-1/B-2 visa)

If person got deported from US can his wife and kids stay legally in US or not?

It depends on the exact circumstances and the residency status of the various people involved. For example, if a US citizen marries a foreigner, they don't automatically lose their US citizenship. If that foreigner is later deported, the citizen is legally entitled to remain in the US. However, if the wife and kids are not US citizens but entered as dependents of a permanent resident who was later deported, the answer would be different (again: depending on exactly what their residency status is).

Can a sixteen year old female from the us marry a foreigner that is in the us?

Yes, with parental consent.

Can a foreigner take part in ROTC?

Only if they're in the US LEGALLY!

When was Foreigner - Foreigner album - created?

Foreigner - Foreigner album - was created on 1977-03-08.

Can a foreigner who marries a US citizen leave the us?

Yes, they can, if they have the proper documentation to come and go lawfully.

What happens if a foreigner commits a crime in the US?

If a foreigner commits a felony crime in the United States they will go to court and be sentenced if found guilty. The person will have to do the time for the crime.

What was the result of US acquisition of California and the Southwest?

Many Foreigner move into the Southwest

How can a foreigner work for CIA?

All employees of the CIA must be US citizens.

Can the US government deny a green card to a foreigner marrying an American?


Can a us citizen divorce a foreigner who still resides in the foreign country?


What are the release dates for D and the Foreigner The a Foreigner - 2012?

D and the Foreigner The a Foreigner - 2012 was released on: USA: 15 March 2012

Are foreigners married to Americans automatically American citizens?

Even if a foreigner marries an American citizen they do not automatically gain US citizenship. There is a very detailed, lengthy, process in which both the foreigner and US spouse must go through in order for the foreigner to gain citizenship. This process can take years and may be denied by the end of it all.

Why Filipinos are not foreigner in their homeland?

Nobody is a foreigner in their homeland. The very meaning of 'foreigner' is a person from a different land

What is the antonym of foreigner?

Native and citizen are words. Those are opposites for foreigner.

Do you have to marry a us citizen to become one?

If you are a foreigner yes! but if you were born in the united states no!

What documents does a foreigner need to marry a US citizen?

Will you please let me know what are the documents needed for a widow to get married in US.