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If he's dating you and around you (but quiet) then that should be good enough for now. You may have to do most of the talking. If he hasn't asked you out on a date then you ask him out. Sometimes double-dating takes the heat off the shy person and going to the movies is another good idea for a person that is extremely shy. Good luck Marcy Ask him! I agree with the second post if you ask him he will probably tell you. I am extremly shy myself and can't really find the words to tell the girl I like exactly how I feel but if I am asked if I like her I will always answer honestly.

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Q: How can a girl be sure a guy likes her when he is very shy?
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Can a very confident guy be insecure when he likes a girl?

Sure he can especially if he really likes her and doesn't want to be rejected but isn't sure how she feels about him.

When will a guy ask out a girl?

When he is sure he likes her.

How will a guy show you he likes you?

There are few guys who are quite reserved, on the other side they are guys who are very outspoken. If the guy is outspoken and he likes the girl, some how the other he express his feelings to the girl. If, the guy is reserved and likes the girl it becomes very difficult for him to express his feeling.

What does it mean when a guy calls a girl my sweet girl?

he likes her very much.

What does it mean when a girl likes a guy and the guy likes the girl?

they like eachother

Will a guy think about the girl who likes him?

If he likes the girl who likes him, then yeah.

What Is a good song for a girl who is not sure if she likes a guy that hurt her?

according to you by orintha

Guy likes a girl?

Girl likes a boy

What does a guy think when a girl tell him she likes him?

He gets very excited.

What does it mean when a guy likes a girl?

the guy is attracted to the girl and falls for or likes dearly to her

What if you like a guy who likes a girl that likes another girl who likes a guy?

Find a nice hobby to refocus your attentions.

What is the song Drumming by Florence and the Machine about?

I'm pretty sure its about a girl that likes a guy and gets very nervous every time he comes around

What does it mean when a girl shows a guy to her family?

It means that she really likes you and she wants to make sure that her family likes you too!

Dream about a girl that likes you you were wrestling guy that likes her that means?

If you dream that you are wrestling with a guy that likes this girl who likes you, then it means you want to keep her liking you. Whether or not you like this girl back, you are subconsciously in competition with this other guy for her affections.

How can tell if a girl likes you?

see the question "I am a goofy guy and I'm not sure when a girl likes me or something so how do i tell cause i think a girl likes me." it will tell you everyting you need to know!!!! (the tips really work!!)

When i'm 8 a guy starts to date somebody else how do you get rid of her?

make sure that the guy does'nt like that girl, and make sure that your the one he likes

What should a guy say to a girl he likes?

the best thing you can do is tell her that you like her. make sure you compliment her and also ask her who she likes.

Should the girl go and talk to the guy if he said he want to know the girl when a mutual friend told him the girl likes the guy?

ya sure, sounds like a good idea.

What does a guy do if he likes a girl?

if a guy likes a girl he will stay around you alot, He will probably follow you every where you go

I am a girl and what does that mean if a guy constantly checks on a girl in school when they have class together?

That Meens He Likes You Very Much :)

What does it mean when a girl causes a guy chills?

The guy likes the girl

Why would guy stare at girl after finding out she likes him?

It could mean that he likes the girl that likes him. :)

I am in love with this boy and we've been dating for nine monthsHe's treated me very wrong but he's very sweet to meI like this other guy who ive known for five years who likes you but has a girl?


If another guy tells you that a guy likes you how would you girls think about that other guy?

The girl would probably thank the other guy for telling them the info. Also, the girl would probably ask you to tell the guy that likes her that she likes him/doesn't like him. Plus, by the other guy telling her about the guy who likes her, the girl will be able to either avoid him (if she doesn't like him) or flirt with him. For those of you that don't understand the question, this is the situation: Guy #1 tells the girl that Guy #2 likes her. Guy #1 wants to know what the girl thinks of him. Understand?

What do guys want a girl to do after the girl tells the guy that she likes him?

It depends whether or not the guy likes the girl. Assuming he does, he wants the girl to...... well, he doesn't really care what she does, he's just happy the girl likes him.