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How can a girl subliminally make a guy think about her all the time?



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You can't make someone think about you--they have to be attracted to you first. Being confident, friendly, laid back, interested in who the other person really is, and having your own life and interests (not phoning/texting someone 24/7) is a way to be found mentally attractive.


- if that guy knows the scent of your perfume, you can try some shifty tactics and put some on his pillow without him knowing, he might dream about ya. but the scent would definitely get him to think of you. i wouldn't suggest this if he wasn't into you.

- learn nlp tactics, play some word games with him and link common objects (such as keys, door, phone etc) to yourself.

this may change his subconscious but never his heart and one other advice, what you sow you reap.

its you sow what you reap retard