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You can't make someone think about you--they have to be attracted to you first. Being confident, friendly, laid back, interested in who the other person really is, and having your own life and interests (not phoning/texting someone 24/7) is a way to be found mentally attractive.


- if that guy knows the scent of your perfume, you can try some shifty tactics and put some on his pillow without him knowing, he might dream about ya. but the scent would definitely get him to think of you. i wouldn't suggest this if he wasn't into you.

- learn nlp tactics, play some word games with him and link common objects (such as keys, door, phone etc) to yourself.

this may change his subconscious but never his heart and one other advice, what you sow you reap.

its you sow what you reap retard
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How do you get a girl you don't know to make out with you?

if you dont think its the right time dont. rushing things will only make her think your a jerk and are trying to make another girl jealous.also dont force a girl to like you. you could actually scare her off

What to do if you think a girl is cheating on you?

If you think that a girl is cheating on you, then she is most likely not worth your time.

What is Justin Biebers favorite body part of a girl?

I think lips so he can make out with her for a really long time.

When is the best time to make love when you want to give birth to a baby girl?

It depends if you think your ready then you should try

How do you go out with a girl who rejected you already?

Give the girl some space and time. Don't be too pushy she might think that you're very wierd.Eventually make your move.

How do you move on from a girl who you love and think about all the time?

find another girl

How do you get the girl of your dreams to go out with you?

if you are sure that this girl likes you, you can text her and say that you want to spend time together with her. show her that you are sincere enough to ask her out,and dont make her think that you are joking because she might think that you are not taking her seriously

How do you make this sentence in present tense 'do you think I will make it in time'?

Do you think I'm making it on time.

Does the girl in one time does the girl kisses Justin Bieber?

yes i think that too

How old are girl in one time by Justin Bieber?

The girl was 16 years old i think when she was in One Time by Justin Bieber, I think now she is 17 not quite sure

What does it mean if a girl think about a boy?

She must think he's worth the time invested

What does a girl think when she see a boy?

it depends as to how the girl is and how the boy is. most of the time she thinks nothing

What is a good day to have a baby girl?

i think Summer Time.

What is the right time to make a girl pregnant?

The answer is simple, at the time of ovulation.

How do you get a girl to give you another chance?

ANSWER: Buy respecting her and get back the trust you lost from her. And if you think you are worthy of her time, make sure that everything you do will not insult and hurt her..

How do you kiss a 13 year old girl?

Make sure you're going out with her, and then when you think the time is right, lean in and it will all go naturally from there, or look up a kissing lesson and learn how to kiss a girl.

How do you make love to a girl for the first time?

Be careful.

Who was Justin Bieber kissing in one time?

I think that he was kissing a girl.

When you and a girl have been dating for a long time then she breaks up with saying that she needs time to think and is confused how much time does she need to think?

being a girl myself, i would say that i would like at least 3-6 days

Why did Daniel Radcliffe think Justin Bieber was a girl?

I think it was that the heard Justin Beiber singing on the radio for the first time in his like, and he was singing like a girl.

How can a girl be romantic?

yes she can set up the dates that she thinks are romantic and them make them happen just as if a guy would but this time the guy is going to think this is romantic

What happens if you have a girl friend and you dont think she likes you?

Talk to her about it. After that, give it some deep thought and time so you can make the decision to keep or break up with her.

What should you do if you've never had a real girlfriend before but you like this girl and you think she likes you?

I think that in this situation you should talk to the girl and tell her that you have the same feelings for her and you want to take it a step farther but make sure she knows that this will be your first time with a girlfriend and for most girls she will probably feel special. Make sure though that she knows you will most likely make mistakes.

How do you propose a girl when she is our close friend?

make a sexy time

How do you tell a shy girl you like her?

I'm a shy girl too so I suggest you make her feel comfortable since she is shy. Just be yourself and tell her face to face when you think it's the right time to tell her! :)

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