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Actually you need to be a bit cocky snd make the appearance that you do not have the time or energy to chase her down. If she wants you she is going to have to come after you.

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Can a woman call a man for a date?

You can Totally ask a guy out! it shows courage, and that is one of the qualities a guy looks for! go for it. you will not regret it.

What can you do to let the guy you like who likes you too build enough courage to ask you out?

ask him out yourself. why does the guy have to do it?

How do you get a guy ask you on a date?

How do you get a guy to ask you to be his girlfriend?

How do ask a girl on a play date?

Like all date asking, a guy or girl will just have the courage and confidence when asking someone out, there isn't REALLY a trick to this situation, just have to do it to do it!

What to say to a guy to get him to ask you out on a date you?

Why does he have to ask you on a date? Ask him to go out with you. What a damb answer!!!!you can do better am sure

How do you get the guy you like to date you?

ask him out

How do you know if a guy who likes you will ask you out or not?

Ask him. If you don't have the courage to ask him, ask his best friend. If you cannot do that, have your best friend ask for you. Or just ask him out yourself.

Who do you call a guy for a date?

First you call him then you ask him on a date.

How can a guy build up courage to ask a got?

that question is messed up. did you mean to say ask a girl out?

How to ask a guy on a date?

just don't.

How do you get a gay guy to date you?

You ask him out first.

What could you to do a guy liking you?

ask him on date.

How do i tell a guy that he has to ask my dad for permission to date me?

It is not uncommon for a guy to have to ask for permission from a girl's parents to date her. You can simply tell him that it is your dad's rule.

How do you ask a guy out to the dance?

Start a conversation and then ask him if he has a date yet.

What Questions to ask a guy on the second date?

ask him how he aonestly feels about you

What to ask a guy on first date?

you should ask him to book a room

How do you get a date with an emo guy?

ask wikianswers how to date a female, its the same thing. Trust me. u ask them

How do you ask a guy out but not as a date?

Tell him to join you in something and just tell him its not a date

Is it okay for a girl to ask the guy for a date?


What if a guy ask a girl when can i see you?

He is asking you for a date.

If a guy wants to come to my house all of the time and we have a lot in common does he like me?

He probably likes you, im a middle school guy and i hung around my girlfriends house for a couple of months befor i got the courage to ask her out. If a guy is with u alone a lot then he either likes you and dosent have the courage to ask you out, or he is gay.

What does it mean when guy checks you out everyday but tells your friend he doesn't like you?

He loves you and doesn't have the courage to ask you out.

What should you do if your a hot guy but also quiet and shy?

Build up the courage to ask her out in inventive ways...

Why does a guy who likes you ask you about how your date with your boyfriend was?

He asks you because he is jealous of you and your boyfriend going on a date. Maybe he wants to ask you out.

How do you ask a guy on a date after school if he always leaves early?

Ask him before, or during school, if you can go on a date with you, later.